January-March 2018

Clinical Study of CA Breast & Its Surgical Management

J G Bhatt1, A D Desai2*, J P Dave3, I A Juneja4, H D Meghani5, M J Shah6

1M.S., Professor & Head, 2,6M.B.B.S, Resident Doctor, 3,4M.S., Associate Professor, 5M.S., Assistant Professor


BACKGROUND: Carcinoma of breast continues to be one of the most frequent cancers in woman all over world. In Indian woman, it is second to carcinoma of the cervix. The Cosmetic considerations, psychological disturbances, loss of vanity, fear of infertility and social stigmata have always hindered early diagnosis and prompt treatment of breast cancer. But in current era due to increased literacy, mass education and increased awareness about the disease; patient have started reporting earlier in hope of early diagnosis and treatment. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To study clinical features, Risk factors, Surgical management, Postoperative Complications for Ca Breast. MATERIALS AND METHODS: During period of 1.5 yrs 50 cases of carcinoma breast were included in current study. After through history, examination and investigations patients were subjected to modified radical mastectomy. RESULTS: Age of the patient varied from 30 years to 75 years with maximum number of patients seen in the 40-50 years of age group, The most common presentation was breast lump (100%), most patients had lump of size 2-5 cms range, most common quadrant is Upper Outer, most patients were presented in post menopausal period, most common histology is of ductal carcinoma & subtype is NOS, common complications are had seroma & wound infection, The axillary nodes status is the most important prognostic factor for operable breast cancer.

Keywords: Modified Radical Mastectomy; Breast Cancer

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