January-March 2018

Study of Clinical Profile in Patients with H1N1 Influenza in New Civil Hospital Surat, January 2015-September-2015

Tinkal Patel1*, Amit Gamit2, Ketan Patel3, Ashvin Vasava4, Sweta Gamit5

1,4Associate Professor, 2,5Assistant Professor, 3Resident Doctor, Department of Medicine, Government Medical College, Surat


BACKGROUND: We describe the clinical profile of patients who were found H1N1 Positive in new civil hospital Surat from 1st January 2015 to 30 September 2015. MATERIAL &METHODS: Retrospective data of 152 patients from New Civil Hospital Surat who were suspected with influenza like illness was collected. They were subjected to throat swab testing for H1N1. Out of them 60 were positive for H1N1 virus with use of real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction assay. (TAQ MAN real time PCR CDC protocol).Clinical parameters of these 60 patients were analyzed. RESULTS: Out of 152 suspected H1N1 influenza patients, 60 (39.47%) patients were confirmed (positive) for H1N1.Male 33(55%) were affected more than females 27(45%). 23(37.66%) patients had underlying Co-Morbid condition. Fever (98.70%) and cough (100%) were the most common presenting symptom. Total 18 (30%) patients were put on mechanical ventilator. Out of the 60 patients, 20 patients who received oseltamivir within 72 hour of onset of illness, 18 (90%) were cured and 2(10%) expired. 40 Patients who had received oseltamivir after 72 hrs 30(75%) cured and 10(25%) expired . We observed no significant adverse effect of oseltamivir 150 mg twice day dose for 5-7 days. CONCLUSIONS: Maximum patients were between age group of 14-50 year. Fever and cough were most common presenting symptoms. Mechanical ventilatory support had role in reducing mortality. Patients seemed to be benefited more from antiviral therapy if started within 72 hour of onset of symptom. There were no significant adverse effects of Oseltamivir observed in this study. Development of ARDS, requirement of Mechanical ventilation and having co-morbid condition were poor prognostic factors.

Keywords: H1N1 Influenza, Clinical Profile.

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