January-March 2018

Histopathological Study of Intracranial Glioma – 50 cases.

Arpit Gohel1*, Hitesh Prajapati2

1Assistant professor, 2Tutor, Department of pathology, GCS Medical College, Hospital and research center, Ahmadabad, 380025, Gujarat, India


BACKGROUND: Objectives of the study was to study the histopathology of intracranial glioma and their incidence in relation to age group, sex and location. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The present study was conducted in the department of pathology, Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad. The specimens were received either as biopsy or as excised tumor and histomorphological result were recorded. RESULT: In present study histopathology of intracranial glioma, Among the 50 cases total cases of astrocytic glioma are 31(62%), Oligodendroglial and mixed glial tumors are 14 (28%), Ependymoma are 2 (4%) and unspecified glioma are 3 (6%). Among 50 case 27 (54%) tumor occur in male and 23 (46%) in female. Total 36 (72%) gliomas are located in supratentorial location and 14(28%) of infratentorial in location. Total 8 cases (16%) are found in pediatric age group, 27 cases (54%) in middle age group, and 15 cases (30%) are found in old age group patients. CONCLUSION: Among the intracranial glioma most common is the Astrocytoma followed by oligodendroglioma and ependymoma. Most intracranial glioma are found in middle age group. There is a male predominance of incidence ratio in all histological subtypes of glioma. Supratentorial location is more favorable location than infratentorial location for glioma.

Keywords: Astrocytoma, Ependymoma, Glioma, Oligodendroglioma

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