January-March 2018

An Interesting Case of Bilateral Perianal Tuberculosis in a 9 Month Old Infant

Suchita Pant1*, Amulya Singh2, Rashmi Jain Gupta3, Sunil Kumar4

1,2Senior Resident, 3Head of Department & Specialist, 4Specialist Department of Clinical Pathology, Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi


BACKGROUND: India has the highest incidence of tuberculosis of 2.1 million cases out of a global incidence of 9 million. Before the emergence of human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) and in immunocompetent individuals extrapulmonary tuberculosis constituted about 15-20% of all cases of tuberculosis. However involvement of the perianal region in tuberculosis is a rare extrapulmonary form of the disease. It comprises less than 10% percent of all perianal diseases and 0.7% of all tuberculosis cases.We present a rare case of bilateral perianal tuberculosis in a 9 month old infant with no evidence of pulmonary or any other extrapulmonary focus of tuberculosis. A 9 month old infant came to our department with bilateral perianal swellings. FNAC was done from bilateral swellings &cytology smears showed epithelioid cell granulomas,giantcells,degenerated inflammatory cells& necrosis.Ziehl Neelsen staining for acid fast bacilli(AFB) was positive in smears. We made a diagnosis of bilateral perianal tuberculosis. Antitubercular therapy (ATT) was started & on follow up 4 months later there was complete healing of perianal lesions.

Keywords: Perianal, Tuberculosis, Infant

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