January-March 2018

Obesity markers and its association with end-organ dysfunctions among patients with metabolic syndrome in Western India

Gandhi Archana U1*, Shrivastava P.2, Patel S. V3, Joshi C. C.4

1MD (Medicine), Associate Professor, 2MD (Medicine) Resident, Medicine department, 3Associate Professor, 4Resident, P.S.M. department, Medical College Baroda.



BACKGROUND: Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for subsequent cardiovascular and renal complications. Obesity and different markers of obesity can warn us for further development of end organ dysfunction. Here we tried to correlate importance of different obesity markers with development of cardiovascular, renal and cerebrovascular complications in patients with metabolic syndrome. OBJECTIVES: To study association of various obesity markers like body mass index, waist circumference and waist-hip-ratio with end organ dysfunctions in patients of metabolic syndrome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Cross-sectional study was carried out with 75 patients having metabolic syndrome, diagnosed as per ATP III criteria (2005) at tertiary care center of western India. All patients underwent detailed history and examination including anthropometric measurements. RESULT: Anthropometric markers like waist circumference, body mass index and waist hip ratio have positive, linear and continuous association with ischemic heart disease and chronic kidney disease in patients of metabolic syndrome. Cardiovascular complications were more strongly associated with WHR and waist circumference.This association could not be established statistically in patients of cerebrovascular stroke due to paucity of patients in this group. CONCLUSION: In patients of metabolic syndrome risk of cardiovascular and renal complications is increasing with increasing obesity. Cardiovascular risk is more strongly associated with waist-hip-ratio and waist circumference than to body mass index.

Keywords: Metabolic syndrome, body mass index, waist circumference, waist-hip-ratio

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