January-March 2018

Blood Pressure Responsiveness to the Cold Pressor Test in Normotensive Young Adults

Patel Digishaben Dilipkumar1*, Nirupma Dikshit2, Deepak Parchwani3

1Tutor (Physiology) Dr. MK Shah Medical College and Research Centre, Ahmedabad  (Gujarat)

2Professor (Physiology)GCS Medical College, Ahmedabad,(Gujarat)

3Professor (Biochemistry)GMERS Medical College, Himmatnagar,(Gujarat)


BACKGROUND: Early detection of proneness to hypertension may help an individual to lead a healthy life by altering the lifestyle. Individuals having the predisposing factors of hypertension tend to show higher and prolonged responsiveness to blood pressure following stress. With this hypothesis,in present study an attempt has been made to explore the cardiovascular reactivity to stress (cold stress) and the recovery time after the withdrawal of the stressor in normotensive young adults. MATERIAL AND METHODS:  The study group comprised of asymptomatic normotensive participants (18-25 years) of either sex (n=50). These individuals were selected based on a positive family history of hypertension (either or both parents). The control group was comprised of similar group of individuals (n=50) but with no history of hypertension in the family. The cold pressor test was carried out. The changes in blood pressure among the participants of the hypertensive and normotensive families were compared using Student’s t-test. RESULTS: The present study has shown that the increase in the response of the blood pressure profile is more in participants with positive family history of hypertension compared to participants with negative family history of hypertension. Recovery to the baseline after cold pressor test also was slow amongst the positive family history groups compared to participants with negative family history of hypertension. CONCLUSION: The present study suggests that a state of hyper-responsiveness may precede essential hypertension and that the cold pressor test could be useful as a predictor of future hypertension in a young study population. The cold pressor tests may thus identify a subgroup of individuals with an occult physiological abnormality that predisposes them to hypertension decades later.

Keywords: Blood Pressure, Cold Pressor Test, Hypertension

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