January-March 2018

Role of carica Papaya Leaf Product in Improving the Platelet Count in Patients with Dengue Fever

Adarsh V B1, Kotresh Doddamane2*, V Deepak Kumar3

1Assistant Professor, Department of General Medicine, ESIC Medical College, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

2Associate Professor, Department of General  Medicine, Gadag Institute Of Medical Sciences, Gadag-582103, Karnataka

3Assistant Professor, Department of General Medicine, Shantiram Medical College, Nandyal


BACKGROUND: Dengue is one of the most important arthropod-borne viral infection of  humans in terms of both illness and death. Millions of people are vulnerable to dengue(Estimated 50-100 million per year).Dengue is caused by Dengue virus(DENV)1-4 through AedesAegyptimosquitoe as the predominant vector.  It is important torecognise and differentiate the clinical signs and symptoms, alterations in the laboratory parameters in Dengue Fever. Decrease in platelet count is an important finding that develops later after the febrile episode. The treatment of Dengue feveris mainly supportive and symptomatic. No specific treatment is available for dengue associated thrombocytopenia. In several Asian countries Carica Papaya has been used extensively for improving platelet count. AIM: To evaluate the effect of carica papaya leaf extract on  platelet count  in  patients  of dengue fever with  thrombocytopenia. METHODS: 100 cases of confirmed dengue infection  were studied.  The subjects were randomized in to two groups,control and study group. Cases were followed-up daily for the clinical and laboratory parameters.They were managed according to the standard guidelines. Study group received Carica papaya leaf extract 500mg three times daily for five days and control group received placebo capsules in same frequency. Platelet count of both the groups were monitored daily and compared. RESULTS:The result showed that there was a significant increase (p<0.01) in platelet count in study group as compared to the control group. Thrombocytopenia associated complications were minimal in study group than the control group. Need for platelet transfusion was less in study group than control group. CONCLUSION: The study concluded that use of Carica papaya leaf extract in patients with thrombocytopenia has improved the platelet count significantly and helped in preventing the complications associated with thrombocytopenia.

Keywords: Carica papaya, Dengue fever, Thrombocytopenia, Bleeding manifestations

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