January-March 2018

Application of Six sigma test in Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory

Nikunj Modi1*, Tejas Shah2

1,2MD (Biochemistry), Department of Biochemistry, Shri M P Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat (India)


BACKGROUND: Now-a-days Quality is the key aspect of Laboratory services. Mostly Internal quality control (IQC) and External quality assurance scheme (EQAS) are utilized to maintain quality in the Laboratory. With the help of this IQC and EQAS various score like CV% and Bias% are monitored to improve and to maintain quality of laboratory. Six sigma is used in industries for quality check. We want to use this six sigma as quality indicator in clinical biochemistry laboratory. AIMS: The study aimed to compare application of six sigma test in clinical biochemistry laboratory along with current method of Internal quality control and External quality assurance scheme as a quality indicator. MATERIAL & METHODS: Study was conducted at Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, Guru Gobindsingh Govt. Hospital, Jamnagar, Gujarat. There are IQC samples are running on daily basis and EQAS samples are running on monthly basis in the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory. Retrospectively we utilize data of IQC and EQAS of three months and find out sigma value to understand application of six sigma in Clinical Biochemistry laboratory. RESULTS: We found different sigma value like more than three for Plasma Glucose, Creatinine, Total Protein, Uric acid and Serum glutamate pyruvate transferase (SGPT) while less than three for Urea and albumin. CONCLUSION: The study demonstrated that six sigma can be useful tool to monitor quality level in Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory. This sigma matrix combine both important data of IQC and EQAS. To maintain six sigma is challenging to quality management personnel of laboratory, but it will helpful to improve quality level in the Laboratory. 

Keywords: Six sigma, IQC, EQAS

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