January-March 2018

Correlation between Transcutaneous Bilirubin and Serum Bilirubin Measurements in Neonates in Tertiary Care Hospital

Shubhra Jandial1*, Nikita Parmar2, Vasant Gosai3

BACKGROUND: Transcutaneous bilirubinometry (TCB) is a simple method for estimation of bilirubin level in neonates. This method is based on the principle of spectral reflectance.This method is noninvasive, quick and painless. While total serum bilirubin (TSB) method  is accepted worldwide for estimation of  bilirubin level.AIM AND OBJECTIVES: We aimed to compare transcutaneous and serum bilirubin concentration in full term neonates. Our objective is to evaluate the transcutaneous bilirubin and analyse its correlation with serum bilirubin values and find out whether transcutaneous bilirubin measurement could replace invasive serum bilirubin measurement. METHODOLOGY: This cross sectional study, was conducted on 80 full term neonates, admitted in neonatal ward of S.S.G Hospital, Vadodara. TCB was measured using transcutaneous bilirubinometer. Mean and SD levels were calculated. TSB estimation was performed within 30 minutes of doing TCB, for the same patients. The data was tabulated and paired T test was used to find the significance of difference between 2 methods using Med Cal software. r value is calculated by using,the Pearson correlation coefficient (r). OBSERVATION & RESULT: The mean and SD for TCB was 11.09, ±3.93mg/dl( 3.2 - 20.0). The mean and SD of TSB was 9.16, SD ±3.11mg/dl( 2.9 - 17.0). P value is <0.0001. There seems to be a close correlation between TCB estimation and TSB estimation. CONCLUSION: The study demonstrates clearly that there is good correlation between the TCB and TSB estimastion, when the bilirubin values are low. The TCB values were higher than the TSB values.


1Associate Professor, 2MSc (Medical Biochemistry), 3Resident Doctor, Department of Biochemistry Baroda medical college and SSG Hospital, Vadodara, India

Keywords: Transcutaneous bilirubin,Total serum bilirubin,Transcutaneous bilirubinometer

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