January-March 2018

Analysis of custody deaths of the year 2015 and 2016

Ajit G. Pathak1, Ramesh K. Gadhari2*, Kapileshwar M. Chaudhari3, Nilesh A. Devraj4, Vijay T. Jadhav5, Piyush S. Gavale6

1Professor & Head, 2,4Assistant Professor, 3,5Associate Professor, 6Junior Assistant Professor Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, S.B.H. Government Medical College, Dhule, Maharashtra, India


BACKGROUND: Preventing torture in custody and ensuring strict compliance of its guidelines in custodial deaths is one of the important agenda of NHRC. This article presents data of 46 deaths in custody/prison in north Maharashtra region from the period of 2 years from 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2016. 02 deaths were caused due to suicide, 2 deaths were caused due to homicide, and no deaths were caused due to accident. Hanging was the most common means of committing suicide. Of the 2 cases of homicide, 1 died due to firearm injury, while the other died due to head injury. Myocardial infarction was the most important cause of death among natural causes. Based on these findings, several measures for prevention of deaths in police custody are discussed

Keywords: custody/prison deaths, custodial torture, forensic pathologist, postmortem examination, natural death, unnatural death

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