Quality Assurance in Thyroid Profile with the Six Sigma Matrix

Nikunj Modi1, Dharmesh Gamit2

1Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Shri M P Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat (India), 2Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, GMERS Medical College, Valsad, Gujarat (India)


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In present days quality satisfaction is necessary for every tests performed in any laboratory. It is must for patient safety as well to build up confidence in laboratory staff. Not only that it creates good reputation of laboratory also. And this all together strengthen the laboratory services as well help to establish more and more laboratory parameters with quality. In routine Internal quality control (IQC) is done and also External quality assurance scheme (EQAS) are performed to check quality of parameters. With the help of score like CV% and SDI are calculated to improve and to maintain quality of laboratory. Now a days, Six sigma is also used for quality check. We want to calculate this sigma matrix as quality marker in thyroid profile. The study is aimed to calculate sigma value in thyroid profile and compare it with existing Internal and External quality assurance scheme. METHODS: Study was conducted at Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, Guru Gobind singh Govt. Hospital, Jamnagar, Gujarat. There are IQC samples are run per ELISA plate and EQAS samples on monthly basis in the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory. Retrospectively we utilize data of IQC and EQAS of four months and find out sigma value to check quality of thyroid profile. RESULTS: We found different sigma value for TSH, T3 and T4. CONCLUSION: Present study demonstrated that sigma value is useful marker to check quality level in thyroid profile. This sigma value evaluates both important data of IQC and EQAS. To achieve high sigma value is challenging to quality management personnel of laboratory, but it will be helpful to monitor quality level in thyroid profile.

Keywords: IQC, EQA, Six sigma, Thyroid Profile

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