Histopathological Evaluation of Oral Cavity Lesions – 162 Cases

Arpit Jitendra Gohel1, Hitesh Prajapati2

1Assistant professor, 2Tutor, Dept of pathology, GCS Medical College hospital and research centre, Ahmedabad


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Objectives of this study was to evaluate the histopathology of oral cavity lesions and their incidence in relation to age group, gender, location and risk factors. METHODS: The present study was conducted in the department of pathology, Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College, Ahmedabad. The specimens were received either as excisional biopsy or as incisional biopsy and their histopathological results were studied. RESULTS: The age range of study group was from 11 months to 80 years with a mean age of 42.2 years. Maximum cases were seen in age group of 41-50 years. Total 39 cases of female and 123 cases were of male which suggest high male: female ratio. Out of total 162 cases studied, malignant lesions consisted of major bulk; 101 cases (62.4%), benign lesions contributed to 42 cases (25.9%) and premalignant lesions contributed to 19 cases (11.7%). The most common affected site was buccal mucosa (39.5%); followed by tongue (32.7%) and lip (19.1%). CONCLUSION: In this study the Deritis ratio is significantly raised in Group A patients with - >2.0 & in Group B >1.0. Total 162 cases of oral cavity lesions were studied.Among the benign lesions, Granuloma pyogenicum was the commonest lesion (10 cases out of 42 cases). A total 19 cases of premalignant lesions were reported to have high association with tobacco chewing and smoking (84%). The malignant oral cavity lesions constituted the major bulk. [101 cases out of 162 cases (62.3%)]. Oral cavity malignant lesions were seen mostly in 4th to 6th decade of life with male: female ratio of 3.15:1. Tongue was the most common site [45 cases (44.6%)] followed by Buccal mucosa [39 cases (38.6%)]. In patients with malignant lesions, significant association with tobacco consumption was observed. [68 cases out of 101 cases (67.3%)]. Squamous cell carcinoma was the most common malignant oral lesion.

Keywords: Oral cavity,Benign, Premalignant, Malignant, Granuloma pyogenicum, Squamous cell carcinoma.

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