A Study on Hemodynamic Parameters Stability by Rocuronium Bromide during Anaesthesia for Elective Surgical Procedures in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Hardik Z Patel1, Avruti R Kacha2

1Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Anesthesia, GMERS Medical College Valsad, Gujarat, India. 2Consultant, Dept. Of Anesthesia & critical care , Baby memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala India.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Hemodynamic stability is an important aspect of anaesthesia care. Anaesthesia has tendency to produce significant hemodynamic changes especially during induction and intubation. Intravenous Rocuronium bromide is a relatively new steroidal intermediate acting non-depolarising neuromuscular blocking agent with a faster onset of action. METHODS: Fifty patients in the age group of 15-60 years of either sex who belongs to ASA physical status I or II were included in the study. Patients posted for general surgeries and ENT surgeries of intermediate duration were studied. Induction of anaesthesia was done with inj. thiopentone sodium 5-7 mg/kg iv and neuromuscular blockade was achieved immediately with inj. rocuronium bromide 0.6 mg/kg iv. Hemodynamic parameters were noted at the time of laryngoscopy and intubation. RESULTS: The Mean + SD for age is 26.72 + 9.59 years and for weight it is 52.72 + 10.18 kilograms. In our study 54% of the patients were males and 46% of the patients were females. Mean + SD for duration of surgery is 74.4 + 23.91 minutes. It was found that all the hemodynamic parameters were reduced from baseline till laryngoscopy than there was mild rise during intubation and after that it was again reduced. It was reducing till 45-60 minutes post intubation. CONCLUSION: It was concluded that there was no statistically significant increase in pulse rate, systolic and diastolic arterial blood pressure following intravenous rocuronium bromide administration. Rocuronium bromide can therefore be advocated as the drug of choice in elective as well as in emergency ENT and general surgery where rapid intubation will be beneficial without compromise of hemodynamic stability.

Keywords: Rocuronium bromide, elective surgery, hemodynamic stability

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