January-March 2018

A Prospective Study Of Abdominal Wound Dehiscence -Frequency, Etiology And It’s Management

Adhish V Vyas1, Jatin G Bhatt2, Jignesh P Dave3, Iliyas Juneja4, Jignesh T Patel5

1,5Resident Doctor, 2HOD &Professor, 3,4Associate Professor, Dept. of General Surgery P.D.U. Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Wound dehiscence is described as partial or complete disruption of an abdominal wound closure with or without protrusion and evisceration of abdominal contents.Wound dehiscence is a very serious postoperative complication associated with high mortality and morbidity. It has significant impact on health care coast, both for patients and hospitals.Wound dehiscence is associated with a mortality rate of 15-20%.Incidence rate is 1.6%.The aim of this study was to find out the etiological factors, frequency and better management of abdominal wound dehiscence. METHODS: Total 50 cases are included in this study. Data was analysed by appropriate software. All cases of abdominal wound dehiscence after surgery were added in this study. An elaborate clinical history was taken in the view of risk factors, all types of surgery and incision type. RESULTS: The results concluded that male patients have a higher incidence of laparotomy wound dehiscence and in 5th decade. Patients presenting with peritonitis secondary to hollow viscus perforation are more prone to abdominal wound dehiscence. Patients classified with contaminated wounds with emergency surgeries show higher predilection for wound dehiscence. CONCLUSION: Patients factors like old age, male sex, anaemia, malnutrition, COPD, diabetes are risk factors.Postoperative Abdominal wound dehiscence can be prevented by improving the nutritional status of the patients, strict aseptic precautions, improving patient’s respiratory pathology to avoid postoperative cough. These patients treated either conservatively or immediate suturing done.

Keywords: Abdominal wound dehiscence, peritonitis, old age

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