January-March 2018

Mammography and Sonography Co-Relation of Breast Lesions

Hiral Banker1, Janki Jaradi2, Keval Makwana3

1Consultant Radiologist, past medical student of N.H.L.M. Medical College, 2Assistant Professor in AMC MET medical college, Ahmedabad, 3 Consultant Radiologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Ahmedabad


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Ultrasound plays a vital role in diagnosis of breast lesions. It differentiates solid from cystic masses. However, in recent years, ultrasound as an adjunct to mammography has improved accuracy in the diagnosis of breast lesions. To study the role of mammography and sonography in diagnosis and management of various breast lesions. To provide a systematic and practical approach to image evaluation of palpable breast lesions. To establish the presence of mass and then evaluate its imaging characteristics which help in decision making by the clinician as to go for biopsy of lesion or follow up. METHODS: On average 30 patients a month visits LG hospital, radiology department for evaluation of breast lesions. Our study includes 500 patients who undergone mamo-sonography during period of December 2015 to June 2017. RESULTS: Out of 500 patients most of the patients had presented with mass and pain. breast lesions were observed predominantly in age group of 31-40 (58%), and 48% of the patients in this study had benign pathology. Out of 500 patients, total 160 patients had breast carcinoma from which, 120 patients showed positive family history. Sensitivity for detection of breast lesions for mammography was 87%, sonography was 95%, and combined was 100%. CONCLUSION: Combined use of mammography and sonography plays an important role in the management of palpable breast lesions.

Keywords: Sonography, Mammography, Breast Lesions

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