January-March 2018

A Comparative Study of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Vs 35%Ga Peel in Acne Scarring

Deval N.Vora1, Nilam Damor2, Juhi Thakkar3, Rinkle Madhuliya4

1HOD & Professor, 2MD Skin VD & Leprosy, 32nd year resident, 41st year resident, M, P, Shah, Medical College, and Guru Gobind Singh Govt. Hospital, Jamnagar


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To compare the efficacy of 35% Glycolic peeling and platelet rich plasma therapy in acne scars. METHODS: : It is a single blind parallel comparable study to compare efficacy of 35% GA peeling v/s PRP (platelet rich plasma) in acne scar. All patients were divided in 35% GA peeling group 1 and PRP therapy group 2. RESULTS: Out of total 100 patients, 50 patients selected for PRP and 50 for GA peel. Pre-treatment mean score in PRP was 34.08 scars with standard deviation 13.82 after 6thsitting mean score reduced to 14.76 with standard deviation 5.49. For pre-treatment mean score in GA peel were 28.12 scars with standard deviation 11.14 after 6thsitting mean score reduced to 17.96 with standard deviation 8.32. CONCLUSION: We concluded that PRP therapy has a definite role in treating acne scar as compare to 35% GA peel.

Keywords: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Vs 35%GA Peel in Acne Scarring

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