April - June 2019

Survey of knowledge-attitude-practice (KAP) concerning insulin use in adult diabetic patients at a tertiary care Hospital

K S Ninama1, C B Dumatar2

1Second Year Resident, Department of Pharmacology, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad,Gujarat
2Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad,Gujarat


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The study was conducted to assess knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding insulin use among diabetic patients in tertiary care hospitals. METHODS: Diabetic patients, aged 18 years and above, attending the Medicine out-patient department were enrolled. A pretested structured questionnaire comprising of 36 items was administered through face-to-face interview. RESULTS: Responses from 240 subjects were analyzed. Mean age of patient was 62.51 ± 10 years. Mean duration of diabetes was 9.4 ± 7.6 years. Longer duration of diabetes and its treatment (oral anti-diabetic drugs and insulin) were associated with better knowledge of some parameters. 35% subjects were not aware of HbA1c as a monitoring tool. Nearly 73% knew the complication of Diabetes. Among current insulin users, 78 % had never used a Glucometer; only 22 % carried simple carbohydrates for use in Hypoglycemic attacks; and 41 % failed to rotate sites for insulin injection. CONCLUSION: Knowledge and attitude were good in majority of patients but practice regarding use of insulin was poor, which can be removed through appropriate counselling.

Keywords: Knowledge, attitude practice, diabetes mellitus

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