January - March 2021

Spectrum of Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia – A prospective study

Chauhan A1*, Patel A1

Senior Resident, Department of Opthalmology, Shri C.H.Nagri Eye hospital and research foundation, Ahmedabad.


Background: Prospective Study of Spectrum of Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia(OSSN), Its Incidence And Comparison Of Treatment Modality. Material and Methods : The study aim to include 50 eyes of 50 patients with biopsy-proven ocular surface neoplasia at C.H. Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad. The details of patients were taken regarding Age, Gender, Laterality and Risk factors. Each patient was assessed biomicroscopically for type and complications of ocular surface neoplasia Results: Out of the 50 patients, there were 28 females and 22 males, with mean age being 51.70 ± 10.84 Years.OSSN was associated with Sun exposure ( UV) in 42%,no risk factors were found in 48%, while HIV was found in only 4% patients. All the lesions in study were found in inter palpebral region, more commonly at limbus followed by bulbar conjunctiva with temporal location. No patient had isolated corneal involvement in my study. Gelatinous was commonest morphological type (56%) followed by leukoplakic (30%) in my study. On HPE, Invasive carcinoma is more common (42%). No evidence of MEC, ASCC, PSCC found. There was not even a single case of intra-ocular or orbital invasion. Out of 50 patients, 31 were treated with surgical excision combined with cryotherapy while 19 patients were additionally given MMC post-operatively 4 times/day, 1 week on and 1 week off for 2 months. Two patients (6.45%) in Group A were recurred while one patient (5.26%) in Group B had recurrence, which was very low as compared to other studies. Conclusion:Surgical excision adjunct with Cryotherapy combined with alcohol abrasion in cases of corneal involvement are the main treatment strategy. Recurrence rates were found higher for more severe grades of OSSN.
Key words: 

Keywords: ocular spectrum, UV exposure, Gelatinous, Cryotherapy ,Limbus

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