January - March 2021

A two year study of keratoconus at eye hospital

Geetika Srivastava1, Atul Shrivastav2*

1Resident Doctor, ICARE Eye Hospital and Post Graduate Institute, NOIDA, 2Associate professor, Dept. of Pathology, GMERS Medical College, Himmatnagar.



BACKGROUND: keratoconus is ectating corneal disorder of progressive form which involves thinning of cornea and causes significant visual disturbances. OBJECTIVE: this study was conducted to found incidence of keratoconus and to classify it according to severity and treat them accordingly. MATERIAL AND METHODS: study was conducted at eye hospital for a period of twenty four months.  Total 40 eyes of 26 patients were included in the study.  Cases were divided into mild, moderate, advance and severe according to topographic data. OBSERVATION AND RESULTS: we found out of 40 eyes 7 cases were mild, 20 cases were moderate, 11 cases were advanced and 2 cases were of severe stage. In 3 patients there was significant improvement in vision with spectacles, 23 cases preferred RGP lenses and 12 case preferred ROSE K lenses. In 2 cases Corneal cross linking surgery was done. CONCLUSION: keratoconus should be properly diagnosed and categorization of disease helps us to manage the patients.


Key words: keratoconus, cornea, contact lens.


Keywords: A two year study of keratoconus at eye hospital

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