January - March 2021

To assess the Concepts and Knowledge of "Brain death" and its usefulness in "Organ donation and transplantation" among registered medical practitioners in Vadodara city

Raj Parekh1*, Hitesh K. Rathod2, Uttam Solanki3, Tejas Sailor4, Vijay Shah5

13rd year MBBS Student, GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara, 2Associate Professor,3Assistant Professor, 4Tutor, 5Professor & Head, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara



BACKGROUND: Various parts of the brain may keep living when others die, and the term "brain death" has been used to refer to various combinations. Organ transplantation is the most preferred treatment modality for end-stage organ disease and organ failures. It is well known that registered medical practitioners are in continuous touch with the community on a daily basis, hence it is imperative that we check whether they have sound knowledge regarding brain death and organ donation and transplantation as they can aware large masses of community and gap of organ availability to patient in need can be reduced. OBJECTIVES: To assess the concept and knowledge of brain death and organ donation among RMPs of Vadodara city and spread awareness among them and then to community through them. METHODOLOGY: For the purpose of the study, a Knowledge and practice based pre-test and post-test questionnaire was used. Questionnaire consisted of 20 questions. The correct/positive responses was given a score of ‘1’ and the wrong/negative responses ‘0’. Maximum possible score is 20. Upon discussion with the faculty of the Department of Forensic Medicine a score of 10 or more out 20 will be counted as aware or having correct knowledge and concept regarding brain death and organ donation. RESULT: The study dealt with 99 doctors which included 52 Allopathy doctors (52.52%), 21 Homeopathic doctors (21.21%) and 26 Ayurvedic doctors (26.26%). A number of 23 females (23.23%) participated from all the three field of practice. The level of awareness and correct knowledge amongst registered medical practitioners regarding brain death and organ donation before educational intervention was 64.64% and after educational intervention it increased to 90.90%. CONCLUSION: We conclude that there is significant increased knowledge of awareness about brain death and its usefulness in organ donation and transplantation after giving educational intervention to registered medical practitioners of Vadodara city.


Key Word: Brain death, Organ donation and transplantation.



Keywords: Organ donation and transplantation

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