January - March 2021

Clinicopathological Profile of  Lung Cancer – Changing Trends  in India

Mahendra Kumar1, Dinesh Kumar Sharma2*, Mini Garg3, Priyank Jain4

1MD, Professor, 2,3,4MBBS, 3rd year PG resident, Department of Respiratory Medicine, R.N.T Medical College, Udaipur.



BACKGROUND: Lung cancer is one of the commonest malignant neoplasm and leading cause of cancer related death worldwide. The clinicopathological profile lung cancer varies according to geographical area and ethnicity. Adenocarcinoma had replaced squamous cell carcinoma as commonest histological subtype in most of countries, however in India, still squamous cell carcinoma is the commonest subtype. AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The Aim of the study was to analyze the clinico-radiological profile of lung cancer patients presented at our institute. MATERIALS & METHODS: 140 cases with clinico-radiological suspicion of lung cancer were evaluated and out of these, 110 histopathological proved lung cancer patients were included in the study. The results were analysed using appropriate statistical tests. RESULTS: Majority of the patients in the present study were male with Male: Female ratio of 5.6:1. Distribution of age varied from 13 to 90 years with mean age of 58.6 years. Smoking was the commonest risk factor found in 81.8% patients and majority of them were heavy smoker (71.8%). Cough was the most common symptoms (83.6%) followed by dyspnoea and chest pain. Adenocarcinoma was the commonest histological subtype found in 45 patients followed by squamous cell carcinoma (36 patients) and small cell carcinoma (22 patients). CONCLUSION: There is a shifting trend in clinico-pathological profile of lung cancer world wide and adenocarcinoma has replaced squamous cell carcinoma as commonest subtype which is consistent with our study also.

Keywords: Lung cancer, Clinicopathological profile, India


Keywords: Changing Trends in India

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