January - March 2021

Prevalence Of Dry Eye In Postmenopausal Women Measured By Schirmer Test At Tertiary Care Hospital, Gujarat, India.

Heena Radadia1*, Ashwini Sapre2

1M S Ophthalmology, Assistant professor, 2M S Ophthalmology, Associate professor, Department of ophthalmology, GMERS Medical College, Gotri,Vadodara,



BACKGROUND: The study was designed to evaluate dry eye in postmenopausal women weather symptomatic or asymptomatic by schirmer test to calculate overall burden of dry eye in postmenopausal women. It also helps to diagnose severity of disease and also helps at which stage it requires treatment. MATERIAL AND METHOD: In this prospective study 150 patients after confirmation of menopause from history included. After taking written consent, patients were asked for any ocular symptoms of dry eye by questionaries and then after making them comfortable schirmer test was done with anaesthetic agent. Prior ethics committee approval was taken. RESULT: Study revealed that dry eye is most common problem in postmenopausal women. Overall 35% of postmenopausal women are diagnosed to be suffering from dry eye in our study. Severity of dry eye also increases with increasing age. CONCLUSION: Study shows  mild asymptomatic dry eye  forms the major part of dry eye disease in  postmenopausal women population in India. Patients may present with dry eye in absence of any symptoms/complains but ocular examination may reveal signs of dryness and sometimes patient may have only symptoms/complains in absence of any signs of dryness. With early diagnosis and treatment of dry eye in postmenopausal women quality of  life can be improved and burdon of blindness due to severe dry eye disease can be reduced.


Key Words: Dry eye, postmenopausal women, schemer test, prevalence.


Keywords: Prevalence Of Dry Eye In Postmenopausal

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