January - March 2021

Study of Clinical Profile & Management of Asthma In  Pediatric Patients

Gosai Dhara K1*, Shah Bela H2, Bavaliya Mayur3, Gosai Jigarkumar B4

1,2,3MD Pediatrics, 4MD Anesthesia, Pediatrics Department, B J Medical College, Civil Hospital, Asarwa, Ahmedabad



BACKGROUND:  Word Asthma appeared for the first time in Homer’s lliad with meaning of short drawn breath .In India, rough estimates indicate a prevalence of asthma between 10-15% in 5-11 year old children. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective   study was conducted at Paediatric Department of teaching institutes in which  patients more than1 year of age   admitted with the diagnosis of asthma &  known case of asthma presented with acute exacerbation  were included & study proforma was designed where detailed history , clinical examination were recorded with prior informed consent from patient’s relative. Severity of asthma was classified by pulmonary score. Investigation & management analysed. RESULTS: Present study shows that bronchial asthma was responsible for 1.3% of total admissions with male to female ratio was 2.1:1. Breathlessness was present in 100 % of patient followed by cough in 95.2 % of patients, fever in 50.6 % of patients. According to severity of acute attack, 46.5% patients had mild attack, 36.9% had moderate attack and 24% had severe attack.  23.2 % patients had a positive family history of asthma Out of 146 total  indoor patients 98.6% discharged, 1.3% took discharge against medical advice. CONCLUSION: This study confirms that of the total patients admitted with respiratory distress, 10.5 % were admission due to bronchial asthma. The rate of admission has decreased over time due to   multiple reasons like increased awareness, availability of better drugs with lesser side effect


Keywords: clinical profile, asthma , paediatric patients


Keywords: Clinical Profile & Management

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