January - March 2021

Assessment Of Neurodevelopmental And Neuroimaging Outcome Of Patients Of Infantile Tremor Syndrome After 6 Months Of Treatment On Follow-Up

Parsawala Khushboo M1*, Javadekar Bakul B2, Modi Dhruv J3

1consulting pediatrician, 2professor and head, 3consulting radiologist, department of pediatrics at Baroda medical college and SSG hospital Baroda



BACKGROUND: Of the total 30 patients 16 had tremors and were given drugs and other had prodromal phase. MRI and DASII were done in all the patients after admission. 16 patients were followed and repeat MRI and DASII were done after 6 months. Delayed or regression of milestones were present in most patients (93.3%). Of 30 patients 6 had normal MRI findings on admission. Others had cortical atrophy,ventricular dilatation, increased subarachnoid space,thinning of corpus callosum,subdural effusion, hyperintensity in cortical areas suggestive of demyelination.MRI  done after 6 months of treatment in 13 patients who had some abnormal finding on admission, all the patients showed disappearance of earlier findings. Of the 16 patients who had come for follow-up,2 patients achieved normal motor an mental development after 6 months while in other 14 patients, had variable amount of motor and mental delay on follow-up. Probably some degree of neurological damage persisted though radiologically MRI showed disappearance of all the findings in almost all the patients who have suffered from ITS in past.


Keywords: infantile tremor syndrome, MRI, developmental delay.

Keywords: Assessment Of Neurodevelopmental And Neuroimaging

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