January - March 2021

Stressful Life Events In Bipolar Mood Disorder

Ramashankar Yadav1, Dhiraj Kandre2*

1MD Psychiatry, Consultant Psychiatrist, Hospital for Mental Health, Ahmedabad, 2MD Psychiatry, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry Department, GMERS Medical College, Himatnagar



BACKGROUND: Bio-psychosocial model emphasizes the interplay between biological, psychological and social factors, which is important for understanding health and mental illnesses.  There is a positive relationship between stressful life events and psychiatric illnesses. So we intended to find out the significance of psychologically stressful life events in bipolar illness. METHOD & MATERIAL: A cross- sectional, comparative study in clinical setting with use of normal control group was carried out in outpatient department (OPD) of tertiary teaching institute. Patients suffering from bipolar mood disorder attending psychiatry OPD were taken for study using simple random sampling method with fraction of 15. Presumptive Stressful Life Events Scale (PSLE) was be used for assessing life events in last year. RESULTS: Total 100 cases of bipolar mood disorder and 100 controls were taken in study. The mean number of stressful life events experienced by cases was 3.8 and control was 1.35. Stressful life events score was significantly higher in cases than control. DISCUSSION: Mean number of stressful life events and life events score was higher in case group than control group and was significantly associated with socio demographical variables. Our study suggest that stressful life events play very important role in the bipolar disorder patients regardless of any specific socio-demographic variables.


Key words: bio-psychosocial, stressful life events, bipolar mood disorder

Keywords: Stressful Life Events In Bipolar Mood Disorder

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