January - March 2021

“A Study Of Comparison Of Hydrostatic Regurgitation Test With Sac Syringing In Preoperative Cataract Patients”

Devdatta J. Gohel1, Manoj kumari2*, Ashok Kumar Sokhal3, Nishant Solanki4, Parth shah5

1Professor and Head of Department, 2,4,5Junior resident, Ophthalmology, shri M.P Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, Saurashtra University, 3M. Ch resident, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow



BACKGROUND: Comparison of hydrostatic regurgitation test with sac syringing in preopertative cataract patients SETTINGS: department of ophthalmology ,G.G. Hospital, Jamnagar, DESIGN: Prospective analytical comparative study. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Total 100 patients posted for cataract surgery. These patients were properly examined in torch light and a history of complaints related to lacrimal system were obtained from each patient. then these patients were subjected to hydrostatic regurgitation test and lacrimal sac syringing as a screening test bfore cataract surgery. RESULT: among 100 patients ROPLAS had a sensitivity of 87% and specificity of 98%. The prevalence of chronic dacryocystitis in this cataract population was 8%. Using this value for prevalence, the negative predictive value of ROPLAS was 98% and positive predictive value was 87%.CONCLUSION: Our study indicates that routine preoperative syringing of cataract patients is probably unnecessary. In this setting a positive ROPLAS (specificity of over 98%) confirms chronic dacryocystitis rendering syringing superfluous for its detection. Also the negative predictive value of a negative ROPLAS almost excludes chronic dacryocystitis.


Keywords: sac syringing, cataract, dacryocystitis

Keywords: Comparison Of Hydrostatic Regurgitation

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