January - March 2021

Effects of different parenting styles on adolescent adjustment

Urmila Chauhan1*, Sandeep Golhar2, Abhishek Madhura3

1,2MD Pediatrics, Associate Professor, 3Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, GMCH, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India



BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This study focuses effects of different pattern of parenting styles on the adjustment of the adolescents. Adjustment is a built in mechanism for coping with the problematic or other realities of life. Adolescents go through a transition in teenage years and may show problems in psychosocial adjustment affecting their mental health and social identity. Parent’s relationship with each other and their ability to create a favourable atmosphere for children i.e. the different parenting styles affect psychosocial adjustment in adolescents1. The objective of the study was to study the interrelationship between different modes of parenting style and psychosocial adjustment of the adolescents. METHODS: A sample of 120 adolescents (60 girls and 60 boys) between 15 to 17 years age were randomly selected for this study. Personal information in the specified format was collected. Bharadwaj Parenting scale was administered to know the pattern of parenting styles. In order to measure the adjustment , Adjustment Inventory  prepared by A.K.Singh and A.Sengupta was used. Collected data was statistically analysed and inferences were drawn. RESULTS: The degree of relationship between the different modes of parenting and areas adjustment was measured through the correlation analysis. On positive dimensions of parenting a positive correlation was seen in most of the domains of adjustment as compared to negative dimensions of parenting. CONCLUSION: The manner in which parents meet the joint needs of children for nurturance and limit setting greatly influences their degree of social competence and behavioural adjustment in adolescent.


Key words: Parenting, Adolescent, Adjustment


Keywords: Effects of different parenting styles on adolescent adjustment

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