January - March 2021

Comparative Assessment Of Predictors Of Diastolic Dysfunction As Derived By Tissue Doppler And Conventional Mitral Inflow Doppler.

Chirag Rathod1*, Himanshu Rana2, Purvi Buch3, Mashruti Maharaul4, Vama Agrawal5

1M.D. (Medicine), Assistant Professor, 2M.D. (Medicine), Associate Professor, 3,4,5M.B.B.S, Intern, GMERS Medical College, Gotri, Vadodara



BACKGROUND: To assess various echocardiographic predictors using tissue Doppler imaging and conventional mitral inflow Doppler,to study impact of predictors over disease severity and compare the efficacy of both. METHOD: 45 subjects, between age group of 15 to 75 and who are known cases of ischemic heart disease,hypertension,diabetes,post-myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy with or without symptoms were recruited. Baselinecharacteristics, necessary laboratory parameters and predictors for diastolic dysfunction were studied using conventional mitral inflow and tissue Doppler imaging. RESULTS: Mean age of subjects with diastolic dysfunction in various age group was less than 65 with higher male prevalence. Prevalence of diastolic dysfunction was higher in hypertensive against  hypertension plus(80% vs 70%) and diabetes against  diabetes plus(70% vs 50%),whereas lower in IHD against IHD plus(70% vs 80%).Subsets having chronic diseases have higher prevalence as compared to acute illness. BMI> 25 and LVH are important factor for severity of illness. Control of hypertension (51%vs41%) and diabetes(67% vs 33%) have positive impact .Tissue Doppler imaging have higher sensitivity compared to  conventional mitral inflow Doppler (65.92% vs 51.02%), detection of LVH(85% vs 77%),even in early phases of diastolic dysfunction,in subjects with fair control of diabetes and hypertension and psuedonormalization. CONCLUSION: Diastolic dysfunction precedes the systolic dysfunction in patients with hypertension,diabetes,ischemic heart diseases and cardiomyopathy.It may remain asymptomatic while progressive,more prevalent with chronicity of disease.Tissue Doppler is more sensitive index to assess diastolic dysfunction compared to conventional mitral inflow.


Keywords: Diastolic dysfunction Conventional mitral inflow Doppler imaging Tissue Doppler imaging


Keywords: Conventional Mitral Inflow Doppler.

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