July - September 2020

Comparative study of quality of Random Donor Platelet Concentrates Prepared from in-house collection and outdoor blood donation camps

Trivedi NS1*, Kothari F 2,Dighe MP3

1. 2nd year Resident, Immunohaematology and blood transfusion, SSG Hospital, Baroda, Gujarat 2. Associate Professor, Immunohaematology and blood transfusion, SSG Hospital, Baroda, Gujarat 3. HOD, Immunohaematology and blood transfusion, SSG Hospital, Baroda, Gujarat


Background: Platelet transfusion is an accepted vital treatment method in patients with bleeding disorders. The quality of platelet concentrate is affected by preparation method and storage conditions including duration of storage ,type of storage containers. Methods: The study was conducted in blood bank, S.S.G. Hospital, Vadodara during period of September 2019 to October 2019. Platelet products were prepared by PRP method according to SOPs approved by AABB .The sample size was 100, 50 from in house collection and 50 from outdoor blood donation camps. Sampling was done randomly and all the healthy individuals who donated blood fulfilling inclusion criteria were included in the study. Results: Platelet concentrates prepared from whole blood collected from in house collection and outdoor camps were compared for various quality determinants such as platelet count, pH ,swirling , WBC count. These were compared with the standards by AABB. The obtained data were conducted in terms of student t-test .the p < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. 80% of platelet concentrates prepared from in house collection showed platelet count > 5.5×10¹º .60% of platelets prepared from outdoor camps showed pc < 5.5×10¹º. This suggests that approximately half of the platelet units which were prepared from the outdoor blood donation camps may not have expected therapeutic outcomes on recipients. The WBC count of these deficient platelets were higher (>5×108) and pH was significantly higher (>6.0). Conclusion: Our findings shows that quality of platelets and storage conditions plays an important role in quality of platelet units.

Keywords: AABB, WBC count, Platelets

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