July - September 2021
2013 - VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4
Original Article
Comparative study of levosimendan versus milrinone for paediatric cardiac surgery patients operated with cardio-pulmonary bypass
Authors: Himanshu Shah1*, Mrugank Bhavsar2, Mahesh Pandya3
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A histopathological study of vesiculobullous lesions of skin: A study at P.D.U. Medical College, Rajkot
Authors: Rohit Bhalara1, Sfoorti Goswami2*, Sanjay Talwelkar1, Amit Agravat1, Gauravi Dhruva3
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Cytopathological and histopathological correlation of soft tissue tumors-a study of 100 cases
Authors: Dhwani N. Bhatt1*, Gauravi A. Dhruva2, Amit Agravat3
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Study of role of MDCT in pulmonary angiography in evaluation of pulmonary arteries patterns in children with tetralogy of fallot
Authors: Ahana Mohan1, Hemangi Balat2*, Digish Vaghela3, Govind Ninama4, Jalpa Balat5, Sushil Damor6
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Differentials in pregnancy outcome between adolescent and adult primigravidae in a tertiary care hospital

Authors: Krishnaveni Avvaru1*, Saradabai K2
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Perinatal outcome in woman with oligohydramnios during third trimester of pregnancy at Guru Gobindsinh Hospital-Jamnagar, Gujarat
Authors: Ravikant R. Patel1*, Hina M. Rathod2, Priti S. Punatar3, Hitesh Rathod4
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A comparative study on effect of yoga training in essential hypertensive adults
Authors: Lata Gupta1*, Vanita Panchal2, Dharmendra Dodiya2, Dipti Jain3, Beena Goyal3
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A study of knowledge, attitude and practices regarding gender preference and sex determination among married women in the reproductive age group
Authors: Kajal Davara1*, Jitesh Mehta2, Dipesh Parmar3, Sudha Yadav4
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Comparison and analysis of various bronchoscopic techniques in diagnosis of suspected lung cancer
Authors: Piyush Patel1*, Sangeeta Patel2, Tarun Kotadiya3, Asha Gunjaliya3, Jigesh Shah4, Santwani P.M.5
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Knowledge and practice regarding malaria among people of urban and rural areas of Rajkot District, Gujarat, India

Authors: Mayur C. Vala1*, Umed V. Patel2, Nirav B. Joshi3, Dipesh D. Zalavadiya3, Ankit P. Viramgami4, Sandeep Sharma5
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Study of socio demographic factors influencing vaccination status of children in dared industrial area of Jamnagar
Authors: Mithun M. Sanghvi1*
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Formulation development and optimization of fast orodispersible tablets of naratriptan hydrochloride by using factorial design
Authors: N.A. Oza1*, A.R. Sahu1, S.N. Tripathi2, P.U. Patel3, L.D. Patel4, A. Ramkishan5
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Vertical infraclavicular blockade vs axillary blockade: A clinical study for brachial plexus blockade for upper extremity
Authors: Rina Parikh1*, Kavita Lalchandani2, Hima J. Patel3, Manmeet Sandhu4
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Superiority of pre-emptive analgesia with instillation of 0.5% bupivacaine for laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Authors: Manoj A. Vasava1 , Hiten M. Patel1*, Samir M. Kacheriwala2, Dipesh D. Duttaroy3, Swati J. Patel4, Ridhdhish K. Patel5
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A two year experience of major pancreatic resection at Gujarat Canter and Research Institute, Ahmedabad
Authors: Nishant Sanghavi1* Devendra Jain2, Piyush A Agrawal and J.D. Patel3
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Profile of deaths due to poisoning: A three year study at Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research, Surat During 2010-2012
Authors: Shailesh Jhaveri1*, Pranav Prajapati2, M.I. Shaeikh3
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The Clinical Efficacy of Emergency Physician Performed E-FAST Examination In Blunt Truncal Trauma Patients
Authors: Shruti Sangani1*, Sonal Ginoya2, Nilima Shah3, Samira Parikh4
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Ventilator associated pneumonia in an intensive care unit in the era of Multidrug Resistance

Authors: Urmi Jethwani1*, Rosy Parmar2, Govind Ninama3, Mitesh Kamothi4, Kalpesh Mistry5, Shah Neelam6
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Surveillance of post-operative wound infections in a teaching Hospital, Gujatat
Authors: Mehta V.J.1*, Pandya J.M.2, Mehta S.J.3
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Study of role of MRI in evaluation of ligamentous injuries of knee in traumatic patients

Authors: Hemangi Balat1*Ahana Mohan2, Digish Vaghela3, Govind Ninama4, Jalpa Balat5, Sushil Damor6
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Studies on optimization of reservoir-type transdermal patch using carvedilol using 32 full factorial design
Authors: N.A. Oza1*, A.R. Sahu1, D.M. Patel2, P.U. Patel3, L.D. Patel4, H.G. Koshia5
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The Role of Terbutaline VS Isoxsuprine in the prevention and treatment of preterm labour and its effects on maternal and perinatal outcome
Authors: Duggal Bhavna1*, Pagi S.L.2, Patel Sachin A.3
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Cefixime with enhanced solubility, a better option in treatment of upper respiratory
tract infection: A randomized controlled clinical study

Authors: Rajeev Nerurkar 1,2, Ashish Mungantiwar3*, Ruchi Agarwal 3, Shalmali Ambekar 3, Samanta Gour 4, Arun Singh 4
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Case Report
Difficult airway intubation using fibroscope as flexible lighted stylet
Authors: Ajeet Singh1*, Ghanshyam Yadav2, Amit Jaiswal3
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Rifampicin induced thrombocytopenia with thrice weekely antituberculosis therapy under RNTCP

Authors: Mahendrakumar Bainara1*, M.L. Ved2, Ratan Lal Jat3, Kunal Luthra3, Manojkumar Arya4
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A hybrid septate uterus: a case report of Rare Mullerian Anomaly
Authors: Meenakshi Kashyap1*, Sneha Baxi2, A.N. Desai3, Krupa Patel4
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A generalized attrition case-full mouth rehabilitation using hobo twin-stage procedure

Authors: Ravindra M. Chavda1*, Rupal J. Shah2, Hiren Vanza3
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Bilateral idiopathic orbital myositis in an infant
Authors: Sarra Benmiloud1*, Meryem Boubbou2, Moustapha Hida3
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Review Article
A systematic management for back pain among dental practitioners
Authors: Nishit Shah1*, Harleen Sachdeva2, Sumit Khare2,  Rama Sankar3, Anish Gupta4
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Peer teaching in medical education: An important curricular consideration?
Authors: Shaileshkumar K. Nagar1*, Dharati M. Kubavat2, Sucheta M. Chaudhari3
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