July - September 2021
2014 - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1
Original Article
Seropositivity of IgM antibodies against T.gondii in patients with bad obstetrics history
Authors: Shah Nirmal1*, Kalpesh Mistry2, Mitesh Kamothi3, Govind Ninama3, Amar Pandya4
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A hospital based study on the prevalence of low birth weight in newborn babies and its relation to maternal health factors
Authors: Krupal Joshi1*, Kishor M. Sochaliya2, Atul V. Shrivastav3, Divyesh M. Gohel4, Shyamal K. Purani5, Girija P. Kartha5
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Supracondylar - Intercondylar Distal femoral fractures and coronal plane fractures: Association and review of fixation methods
Authors: Sachinkumar Jain1*, Chetan Brahamne2, Nitin Kiradiya2
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Study of epidemiology of surgical site infection (SSI) in Public Hospital Setting
Authors: Paryani Jeetendra1*, Rathod Gunvant2, Makwana Rakesh3, Gadani Ravi3, Patel Rajesh3, Paryani Disha4
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Comparative prospective study of laparoscopic TEP repair versus laparoscopic TAPP repair for inguinal hernioplasty conducted at tertiary level hospital, Vadodara
Authors: Dilip Choksi1, Alpesh Parmar1, Gaurang Raiyani2*, Govind Prasad3
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Role of Peripheral smear in early diagnosis of neonatal septicaemia: A three year study at P.D.U. Medical College, Rajkot
Authors: Kinjal Patel1*, Rohit Bhalare2, Sanjay Talwelkar2, Jagdish Dalsania2, Amit Agravat2, Gauravi Dhruva3
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Accuracy of cytological diagnosis in various breast lesion; Our Institutional experience
Authors: V.M. Bhagat1, Hemali J. Tailor2, Prashant R. Patel2*, R.N. Hathila3, Reena Dudhat4
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Study of factors related to readmission in psychotic and mood disorder
Authors: Saurabh N. Shah1*, Bharat N. Panchal2, Deepak S. Tiwari3, Ashok Vala4
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Can venous blood gas analysis replace arterial blood gas analysis in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis?
Authors: Shruti Sangani1*, Jigarkumar Gosai1, Dhara Gosai2, Samira Parikh3
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Sero-prevalence of human brucellosis in high risk population of Anand District
Authors: Suman P. Singh1*, Shruti S. Parikh2
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A study of spinal anaesthesia in paediatric age group
Authors: Dhwani Nalwaya1, Chetan Ninama1, Vrinda Oza2, Deepa Gondaliya3, Jigisha Badheka3, Vandana Parmar4*
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A study of histopathological changes in burn deaths at civil hospital Ahmedabad-Gujarat
Authors: Mital R. Rathod1*, Hansa Goswami2, Dharmendra Jankar3
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Evaluation of 0.5% ropivacaine in subarachnoid block: A comparison with 0.5% bupivacaine
Authors: Kumud S. Ganvit1*, Akshay H.M2, Isha Singhal2, M.R. Upadhyay3
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Prevention of pain on propofol injection in children: Comparative study of pre-treatment with ketamine, tramadol and normal saline
Authors: Kavita Lalchandani1*, Shyam Lalchandani2, Falgun Chaudhari2
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Comparative prospective study of stapler versus hand sewn anastomosis in elective gastrointestinal surgeries conducted at tertiary level hospital, Vadodara
Authors: Gaurang Raiyani1, Anis Vohra2, Kedar Mehta3*
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Role of antibiotics in postoperative period in planned surgeries
Authors: Paryani Jeetendra1*, Rathod Gunvant2, Makwana Rakesh3, Gadani Ravi3, Patel Rajesh3, Paryani Disha4
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A study on menstrual practices among adolescent girls residing in urban slums of Visakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh State
Authors: N.G. Nagamani1*, A Krishnaveni2, SAppala Naidu3, Sunita Sreegiri4
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Clinical profile of patients with extra pulmonary tuberculosis in Gujarat
Authors: Patel Anand K.1*, Patel Tushar2, Patel K.R.3
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A comparative study of spirometry in healthy smokers and healthy non smokers
Authors: Meghna M. Patel1*, Jitendra A. Sisodia1, Nalin T. Shah2
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The efficacy of dexamethasone added as an adjuvant to ropivacaine (0.5%) for brachial plexus block
Authors: Kumud S. Ganvit1*, Akshay H.M.2, Isha Singhal2, M.R. Upadhyay3
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Comparative prospective study of clinical outcomes in laparoscopic appendicectomy versus open appendicectomy conducted at tertiary level hospital, Vadodara
Authors: Gaurang Raiyani1*, Alpesh Parmar2, Anis Vohra3, Priyank Katwala4, Kedar Mehta5
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Efficacy of octreotide in postoperative alimentary tract fistulas
Authors: Osman B. Belim1*, Ojas Mody1
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Seroprevalence of acute viral hepatitis caused by HAV and HEV with their co-infection at the tertiary care hospital
Authors: Hetal Shah1*, Patel Disha A.2, Grishma Trivedi2, M.M. Vegad3
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Interpretation of serous effusion cytopathology in a medical college
Authors: Nilay Shah1, Sunita Shah2, F.R. Shah3, Sanjay Chauhan4*, Piyush Solanki5
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Small Incision preperitoneal repair for inguinal hernias- A study of 300 cases
Authors: Adeesh P. Jain1*, Atul K. Saxena2
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Case Report
An unusual case report of primary non hodgkin’s lymphoma of mandible
Authors: Suthar Pokhraj P.1*, Doshi Shreyans M.2
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A case of hepatic mesenchymal hamartoma: cytohistological concordance
Authors: Madhumita Mukhopadhyay1, Biswanath Mukhopadhyay2, Chhanda Das3, Moumita Sengupta4*, Piyush K. Solanki5, Ashis Kumar Saha6
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Klipple feil syndrome: A case report
Authors: Pratik Patel1*, Akhilesh Patel1, Yasin Polra1, Jitendra Sisodia2, K. R. Patel3, A. T. Leuva4
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Unusual case report: Pycnodysostosis with typical radiological findings
Authors: N.A. Patel1, Bhumika Suthar2, Pokhraj Suthar3*
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Breast cancer and breast tuberculosis: A rare coexistence
Authors: Rutvi Dave1*, Gauravi Dhruva2, Amit Agravat3
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Outcome of pregnancy in a case of atrial fibrillation
Authors: Kavita Mevada1*, Nilesh A. Shah2, Hafsa M. Vohra3
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Uterine artery embolisation in secondary postpartum hemorrhage in a case of von willebrand disease
Authors: Rajani Vaidya1*, Nilesh A. Shah2, Hafsa M. Vohra3
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