January - March 2021
2014 - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4
Original Article
Study to compare the efficacy and side effects of misoprostol and methylergometrine for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in active management of third stage of labour
Authors: S. N. Agarwal1, T. M. Sheth2*
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Study of treatment outcome of acetabular fractures
Authors: Sanjay Soni1*, Dhrumil M Patel2 Hemant H. Mathur3, Gaurang M Patel4, Hardik K. Tailor5, Rakesh M Rathawa6
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A Study of Stress Awareness among First Year Medical Students
Authors: Lata Gupta1*,Dharmendra Dodiya2, Vanita Panchal3, Beena Goyal4, Gunjan Movaliya5, Pranav Chakravarty6
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Benign Laryngotracheal Stenos is Aetiology- a Retrospective Analysis at a Tertiary care Centre
Authors: Pratibha Goswami1*, Rajesh Y. Vishwakarma2, Kalpesh B Patel3, Dipesh G Darji4
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Effect of Intravenous Nalbuphine on Haemodynamic Response to Laryngoscopy and Intubation
Authors: Pinalben G. Dabhi1*, Sanket Mehta2, M.P.Golwala3, M. R. Upadhyay 4, Raj G. Bumiya5
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A clinical and Investigative study of hair loss in adult female
Authors: Krina B. Patel1*, Avni V. Gandhi2, Ruchin B. Patel3, Venu R. Shah4, Sudhir B. Pujara5
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A comparative study of efficacy and safety of imiquimod versus podophyllum resin in the treatment of anogenital warts
Authors: Krina B. Patel1*, Ruchin B. Patel2, Venu R. Shah3
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A Study on Awareness and Consciousness Towards The different Medico-legal terms Among the Doctors of Different Areas of Gujarat.
Authors: Ketan L. Chavda1*, Jagdeep C. Jadav2, Rakesh Y. Padmaraj3, K. A. Shah4, D. A. Silajiya5, Rajesh V.Joshiyara6
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Serum Ceruloplasmin Albumin Ratio as A Marker of Treatment Response in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Authors: Jemil S. Makadia1*, Anju Jain2
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Effect of Sudarshan Kriya (SDK) on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Peak Expiratory flow Rate
Authors: Jasmin Parmar1*, Pankaj Panchal2, Vishaldeep Gohel3, Naresh Parmar4
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Study of Results of Difficult total hip Arthroplasty According to Modified harris hip score
Authors: Dhrumil M. Patel1*, Sanjay Soni2, Hemant H. Mathur3, Gaurang M. Patel4, Hardik Tailor5, Marishka Mehta6
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Clinico-Anatomic study of congenital CNS malformations Contributors
Authors: Gurjar Anoop S.1*, Kataria Sushma K.2, Parakh Manish3, Gurjar Manisha4, Parakh Poonam
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Evaluation of cases of laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair at government medical college Vadodara
Authors: Bhavin H . Patel1*, Dilip B. Choksi2, Anis S.Vohra3,
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Effect of Pterygium Excision on Refractive Status of Cornea at Tertiary Hospital
Authors: Heena Radadia1*
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A Comparative study of Lipid Profile among Smokers and non Smokers
Authors: Kavita1*, Priyanka Gohel2, M. G. Nanavati3, R.N.Gonsai4
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Evaluation of the calcified stylohyoid ligament in 50 human cadavers
Authors: Rajesh Astik1*, Urvi Dave2
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Free radial Artery Forearm Flap in Reconstruction of oral Cavity Cancers Our Experience
Authors: Gupta Sandeep1*, Jain Devendra2, Jhala J. T.3, Saraiya H. & Kothari Parag4, Jayesh D Patel5
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Dermatological emergencies: a prospective study in a tertiary care hospital, Gujarat, India
Authors: Patil Priyanka C.1, Mistry Amit S.2, Thakkar Sejal H.3*, Umrigar Dipak D.4, Patel Rasesh D.5, Rathwa Mukesh V.6
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Histopathological Study of gall Bladder
Authors: Maulik K. Mehariya1*, Mahesh B. Patel2, Sanjay V. Dhotre
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Voice Disorder: Epidemiological profile
Authors: Hiren Soni1*, Pritosh sharma2, Shajul George3, Shah UB4
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A study on surgical conditions among HIV-AIDS case at Vadodara teaching hospital
Authors: Hitesh D. Patel1*, Dharamdev2, Hiten M. Patel3, D. D. Dattaroy4, Sameer Kacherivala5
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Clinical Profile of Acute Renal Failure in Cases of P. Falciparum Malaria in South Gujarat
Authors: P.B Gupta 1, Parul Vadgama2*, K N Bhatt3, Mehul V Bhavsar4, Hardikkumar Desai5
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Study of Effect of Statins and Treatment according to Staged Diabetic Management Protocol on Regression of Common Carotid Intimal Media Thickness (CCIMT) in Patients having Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertention.
Authors: K. N. Bhatt1*, Joshi K. C.2, Sharma A.3, Bhagat S.4, Vaidya P.5
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2nd Trimester uterine artery Doppler Velocimetry in prediction of preeclampsia
Authors: Sugam Gupta1*, Dolly Gupta2, P A Amin3
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A Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data of patients of Tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenopathy confirmed by FNAC carried out at Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat
Authors: K. R. Patel1, Jitendrakumar A. Sisodia2*, Meghna M. Patel3, Akhilesh Patel4
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A Study of relation between stature and ulnar length
Authors: Anupam K. Bansal1, Prithvirajsinh C. Vaghela2*, Kamlesh S. Lad3, Prerna Mittal4,
Krutarth I. Kapadiya5

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A Morphometric study of pedicle, lamina& Spinous process of C3-C7 Vertebrae in Rajasthan Population
Authors: Rekha Parashar1*, Dhiraj Saxena2, Sangita Chauhan3, Rajesh Arora4, Abhijeet Joshi5
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Effect of Feeding of Syzygium Cumini seed Diets and Diets Containing Water Soluble Gummy fibre isolated from Syzygium seeds on Key Enzymes of Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism in Normal and Alloxan Treated Diabetic male Albino Rats
Authors: Madhuri Akhilesh Agnihotri1*, Kamlesh Palandurkar2
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Case Report
Disseminated cysticercosis – a rare case report
Authors: Chauhan Himanshu1, Kumar Ankur2*, Joshee Ashish3, Vaishnav Kusum4
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Amitraz Poisoning: Rare but not Uncommon - a Veternerian Compound Causing high Morbidity
Authors: Sapna Gupta1*, Dhaiwat Shukla2
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Case report on a rare case of twin molar pregnancy
Authors: Rachana Ghanti1*, Nilesh A. Shah2, Pallavi Ninama3
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Review Article
Airway Management- Need For Indian Guidelines and Protocols
Authors: Amit Shah 1*, Apeksh P.2, Apeksha P.3
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Intranasal Corticosteroids in Management of allergic Rhinosinusitis
Authors: Rahul kawatra1, Puneet maheshwari2*, Rajeev Krishna gupta3, Shikhar saxena4
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