July - September 2021
2015 - VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1
Original Article
A comparison of epidural Butorphanol Tartrate and Tramadol hydrochloride for Postoperative analgesia using csea technique
Authors: Bhumika Revar1, Vipul Patel2, Bhavin Patel3, Sonal Padavi4
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Study of role of MRI in the evaluation of spinal cord lesions
Authors: Nikunj patel1, Hemangi Balat2*, Falguni shah3, Avani patel4. Krupesh Bhalala5, Japan Shah6
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A Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data of patients of Tuberculous Cervical Lymphadenopathy confirmed by FNAC carried out at Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat
Authors: K.R. Patel1, Jitendrakumar A. Sisodia2, Meghna M. Patel3, Akhilesh Patel4
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Cervical Priming with Misoprostol prior to minor uterine procedures: A randomized clinical trial
Authors: Shah, Ashish N.1*
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Effect of sub-maximal exercise on airway mechanics in young healthy volunteers Contributors
Authors: Poorey Ketaki1, Goyal L.2 Oommen E.3
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Correlation between C-reactive protein and incidence of acute coronary artery disease
Authors: Om Prakash Patidar1*, A. K. Bhargava2, Deepak Gupta3
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Platelet rich plasma-The healer from within, Are we practicing what we are learning?
Authors: Payal Patel1*, Niket Kachhi2, Nishith Shah3, Prerak Doshi4
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Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Bhavnagar City – A Cross Sectional Study
Authors: Rahul Damor1*, Dharmendra Jankar2, Sanat Rathod3, Vibha Gosaliya4, Jayant Patel5, M. P. Singh6
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The age and gender implication on severity of acute bronchial asthma attacks in children
Authors: Hetal T. Desai1, Deepa Chandra2*
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Percutaneous Dilataional Tracheostomy - our Experience
Authors: Mamta Chaudhary1, Yogesh K. Gajjar2*, R. G. Aiyer3, Prathna Jagtap4, Rahul Gupta5, Jayman Rawal6
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Pre Emptive Gabapentin Versus Pregabalin for post Operative Analgesia after Abdominal Hysterectomy under Spinal Anaesthesia
Authors: Pragati Arora Trivedi1*, Malini Mehta2, Jayant Trivedi3
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Comparison of conventional TUBE agglutination method versus ERYCARD™2.0 for the ABO blood grouping system-A Pilot Study
Authors: Gauravi Dhruva1*, Amit Agravat2, Vaishali Bhankhodia3
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Midazolam or mini-dose Succinylcholine as a co-induction agent to aid Laryngeal mask airway insertion during propofol Anaesthesia
Authors: Jain(Gupta) Namrata1* ,Parikh Geeta P.2
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Effect of priming Principle on the induction dose Requirement of Propofol
Authors: Sanket H. Mehta1, Pinalben G. Dabhi2*, M. P. Golwala3, M. R. Upadhyay 4
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A Study of 50 Cases of Diabetic foot and it`s Management
Authors: Ankit Rathwa1*, Shailendra solanki2, Hardik Yadav3
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Dexmiditomidine as an Adjuvant to Intrathecal Hyperbaric Bupivacaine for Spinal block Characteristics and Postoperative Analgesia in Lower Limb orthopedic Surgeries.
Authors: Aditi A. Dhimar¹*, Lohit B. k.2, M. R. Upadhyay3
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Levels of traditional and novel serum lipid components in hypertension
Authors: Bijoya Chatterjee1*, Amit Kakaiya2, Hardik Mahant3, Nilayangode Haridas4
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Long term playing of Badminton improves the Visual Reaction Time
Authors: Kalpesh R.Vidja1*, Mahesh K.Bhabhor2, Jitesh L.Sarvaiya3, Nehal S.Patel4, Varsha Joshi5
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Evaluation of serum trace elements levels in patients with chronic kidney disease
Authors: Jigar A Parmar1*, Anant G Joshi2, Pratik H Raghavani3, Ronakkumar K Raval4, Sandip S Sendhav5, Manish Chakrabarti6
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Two Ports versus Three Port Laparoscopic Appendicectomy- A Step Further Towards Minimal Invasiveness
Authors: Pinakin K. Sutariya1*, Jagdish B. Chavda2
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Study of cap pap versus conventional pap in suspicious cervical lesions
Authors: Neha Batra1*, Agarwal2, P. M Santwani3
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Recent trends of Asphyxial Death in Bhavnagar Region
Authors: Love R. Bhagora1, Amit P. Parmar2, Tejas C. Patel3, Rajani V. Bhagora4
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Epidemiological Study of Fatal Burn Cases Brought For Postmortem Examination At Mortuary Of Sir Takhtsinhji General Hospital, Bhavnagar
Authors: Tejas C. Patel1, Amit P. Parmar2, Love Bhagora3, R.V. Bhagora4, J. P. Shah5, V.N. Parmar6
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Assessment of adherence to antihypertensive treatment among patients attending a health care facility in North India
Authors: Siraj Ahmad1*
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Pterygium Surgery: suture less glue less conjunctival auto grafting
Authors: Gunjan Rathi1*, Jayesh Sadhu2, Priya Joshiyara3, H. D. Ahir4, S. S. Ganvit5, N. N. Pandya6
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Case Report
An unusual case of death in police custody: suicide by consumption of potassium cyanide
Authors: A. G. Pathak1*, R. K. Gadhari2, K. M. Chaudhari3, S. S. Chavan4
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custody deaths, custodial torture, forensic pathologist, postmortem examination, potassium cyanide poisoning, chemical analysis
Authors: A. G. Pathak1*, N. A. Devraj2, K. M. Chaudhari3, R. K. Gadhari4
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Oral Mucocele: Report of Two Cases
Authors: Rajendrasinh Rathod1, Dipen Patel2, Yashraj Rathore3, Dharmesh Vasavada4*
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Prescription less drug usage: A serious threat in near future
Authors: G. S. S. Ganesh babu1*, N. Samara Simha Reddy2, Sanjeeva Kumar Desai3
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