July - September 2021
2015 - VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2
Original Article
Analysis of per papillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness of Normal Healthy Indian Population
Authors: Heena Radadia1, Ashwini Sapre2
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Significance of Molecular Markers and DNA Based Technology in Research and Standardization of Medicinal Plants: A Review
Authors: Bijoya Chatterjee1*, Jigisha Pancholi2, Jignesh Kevalia3, Vasavdutta Kothari4, Preeti Pandya5, Usnas Bhatt6
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Allergic Fungal Rhino Sinusitis in central Gujarat: Under diagnosed entity
Authors: Hitesh M. Gangani1*, Ranjankrishnan G. Aiyer2, Rahul R. Gupta3, Jayman B. Raval4
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Study of 30 cases of antenatal patients
Authors: Nilesh A. Shah1*, Ekta Ankola2, Sudhir Amrutiya3, Kushal Shah4
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Preterm Delivery: Role of Cervical Encirclage
Authors: N. A. Shah1*, Pallavi Chandana2, Sudhir Amrutiya3, Kushal Shah4
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Preterm Delivery, Cervical Incompetence, Cervical Encirclage
Authors: Shradhha Gondaliya1, Tejas S. Choksi2, Atul Shrivastav3*, Alpesh M. Maru4, A. S. Agnihotri5
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Clinical Profile and outcome of Tuberculosis in Patients with Diabetes
Authors: Jiyani M. R.1, Vadgama P. K.2, Pandey A. S.3, Modh D. A.4
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Effect of Electro acupuncture Therapy on back pain Subjects
Authors: Alkesh Vara1, Samir Bhagora2, Sajid Saiyad3
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Comparison of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Outcomes with the Type of Infertility (primary and secondary)
Authors: Anju choudhary1, D. S. chowdhary2, Taruna chowdhary3, Abhijeet joshi4
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A Comparative Study of Thin Smear, Thick Smear and Antigen Card Test for Diagnosis of Malaria
Authors: Hardika K Samani1, Deepa P. Jethwani2, Gauravi A Dhruva3
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Study of Cases of Laryngeal Pathology by Hopkin’s Endoscopy
Authors: Dodia M. N.1, Raibagkar M. S.2
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Combination of Low Dose Isobaric Levobupivacaine 0.5% and Fentanyl Compared With Isobaric Levobupivacaine 0.5% in Spinal Anaesthesia for Lower Abdominal and Perineal Surgeries
Authors: Nimisha P. Brahmbhatt1*, Ila A. Prajapati2, M. R. Upadhyay3
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Evaluation of Lung volumes and capacities in obese individuals compared to non-obese individuals in age group of 35-55 years
Authors: Rizwan Qureshi1*, Pranav Chakaravorty2
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Evaluation of Relationship between Maternal Periodontal Status and Preeclampsia: A Case-Control Stud
Authors: Sujay B. Shah1*, Nilesh Shah2, Rupal Mehta3
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Design and Development of Self-Microemulsifying drug delivery system of Curcumin by Simplex Lattice Design
Authors: Asit R. Sahu1*, Sunil B. Bothara2
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Clinical profile of mechanically ventilated newborns at tertiary care level hospital
Authors: Shwetal Bhatt1, Uma Nayak2, Payal Agrawal3, Komal Patel4, Dhruv Desai5
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Evaluation of patients with haemoptysis attending the chest clinic of tertiary referral hospital
Authors: K. R. Patel1, Anand K. Patel2, Nilesh Godhania3
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Comparative Study of Therapeutic Efficacy between Quinine and Artemisinin Combination Therapy in Cases of Malaria at Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dinesh A. Chavda1, Nil H. Desai2, Krunal C. Solanki3 Sailesh P. Parmar4, Archana G. chaudhary5, Dinesh M. Parmar6
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Formulation and Evaluation of Phytosome Drug Delivery System of Boswellia Serrata Extract
Authors: Asit R Sahu1*, Sunil B Bothara2
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Prevalence of Candida species among HIV positive patients at a tertiary care hospital
Authors: Kalpesh Mistry1, Govind Ninama2, Mitesh Kamothi3
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Vitamin B12 Status in different Age Groups
Authors: Vijaysinh Parmar1, Parin Shah2, Asha Khubchandani3, Viral Solanki4, Vikas Vaghela5 , Janki Jadav6
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Serum Iron and Transferrin Satutaion in Normal Pregnancy
Authors: Vijaysinh Parmar1, Janki Jadav2, Asha Khubchandani3, Viral Solanki4, Parin Shah5, Vikas Vaghela6
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A Comparative Study of Helicobacter Pylori Detection by Rapid Urease Test, Gram’s Stainig Microscopy and Culture Media
Authors: Hetal Rathod1, Rakesh Ahir2
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Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice among hypertensive patients attending a health care facility in North India
Authors: Siraj Ahmad1*, Md. Tauheed Ahmad2
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A Clinic-Pathological Correlation of Endometrial Pattern in Patients with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (Aub)

Authors: Rujuta Prajapati1, Meena R. Daveshwar2
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A Comparative Study of Desflurane and Sevoflurane for Hemodynamic ability and Postoperative outcome under General Anesthesia
Authors: Akkineni Lokesh1, Pragati Arora Trivedi2, Rama Upadhyaya3
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Significance of serum levels of copper and zinc in hypertensive patients
Authors: Viral Solanki1, Meghana Solanki2, Asha Khubchandani3, Vijay Parmar4, Utsav Parmar5, Parin Shah6
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A Study on Awareness, Understanding and Familiarity to the Court Procedures among Doctors of B. J. Medical College and Civil Hospital, Ahmadabad
Authors: Ketan L. Chavda1*, R. Y. Padmaraj2, K. A. Shah3, D. A. silajiya4
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Clinical profile of Dilated Cardiomyopathy patients presenting to a tertiary care hospital from central Gujarat
Authors: Himanshu Rana1, Chirag Rathod2, Parag Chavda3, Snehal Patel4, Shubhangi Deshpande5
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A Survey on Incidence of Common Dental Problems among Patients Attending Dentistry OPD at a tertiary care hospital from central Gujarat

S. N. Goryawala1*, Paragkumar Chavda2, Sneha Udhani3, Dhara Shukla4, Shivang Pathak5, Ritu Ojha6

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