July - September 2021
2016 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 2
Original Article
Renal Replacement Therapies in Kidney Disease
Authors: Sanjiv Mahajan*
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Assessment of the necessity of serum amylase in diagnosis of acute pancreatitis: A Retrospective study
Authors: Ajay M. Rajyaguru1*, Twinkal R. Upadhyay2, Amit Chauhan3, Rahul Chaudhry4, Vikrant Patel5, Jatin Bhatt6
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A Randomised Comparative Study Between Direct Trocar Insertion Verus Veress Needle Technique For Creating Pneumoperitoneum In Laproscopic Cholecystectomy
Authors: Rakesh Kaul1, Gopal Sharma2*, Tariq P Azad3, Sandeep Bhat4, Barinder Kumar5, Nivedita Prashar6, Vivek Gorkha7
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A two year study of keratoconus at eye hospital
Authors: Geetika Srivastava1, Atul Shrivastav2*
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Assessment of LIPID PROFILE in smokers versus non-smokers
Authors: Maulik Nayak1, Dharmendra Dodiya2*, Jyoti Nayak3   
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“Effect Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection And Anti Tuberculosis Treatment On Serum Magnesium Level.”
Authors: Jemil S Makadia1*, Anju Jain2
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Hemodynamic Stress Response During Insertion Of Proseal Laryngeal Mask Airway And Endotracheal Tube - A Prospective Randomized Comparative Study
Authors: Priya P. Kishnani1*, D. C. Tripathi2, Lopa Trivedi3,  Komal Shah4, Jaldeep Patel5, Jitu Ladumor6
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To assess the Concepts and Knowledge of "Brain death" and its usefulness in "Organ donation and transplantation" among registered medical practitioners in Vadodara city
Authors: Raj Parekh1*, Hitesh K. Rathod2, Uttam Solanki3, Tejas Sailor4, Vijay Shah5
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Interns and Resident doctors’ Attitude Towards Psychiatry
Authors: Dhiraj Kandre1*, Ramashankar Yadav2
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A study on prevalence of rifampicin resistance by Gene Xpert with clinico-radiological correlation in previously treated pulmonary tuberculosis patients.
Authors: Mahendra Kumar1*, Ananda Datta2, Hemant Kumar3
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Clinicopathological Profile of  Lung Cancer – Changing Trends  in India
Authors: Mahendra Kumar1, Dinesh Kumar Sharma2*, Mini Garg3, Priyank Jain4
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“Hidden costs” of delivery in Government Maternity Hospitals at tertiary health care level in Telangana state
Authors: S.Nagamani M.D.DGO1*, D Kiranmai M.D. DGO2
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Prevalence Of Dry Eye In Postmenopausal Women Measured By Schirmer Test At Tertiary Care Hospital, Gujarat, India.
Authors: Heena Radadia1*, Ashwini Sapre2
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Clinico-Pathological Correlation of Hysterectomy Specimens For Abnormal Uterine Bleeding – A Five Year Study At Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Om Bodarya1*, Atul Shrivastav2, Dr. A.S. Agnihotri3
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Prevalence Of Diabetes Mellitus In Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients And Clinico-Radiological Presentation Of Tubercular Diabetic Patients.
Authors: A. B. Srivatava1, Priyank Jain2*, Sanjay Jain3
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A KAP study on tobacco use among school children of Ahmadabad
Authors: Monark  J. Vyas1, Amul B. Patel2*
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A Clinical Comparison Of Safety And Efficacy Of Levobupivacaine And Bupivacaine In Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block: A Prospective, Randomized, Double Blind, Clinical Trial
Authors: Deepika Dash1*, Shilpa M. Doshi2, D. C. Tripathi3
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Study of Clinical Profile & Management of Asthma In  Pediatric Patients
Authors: Gosai Dhara K1*, Shah Bela H2, Bavaliya Mayur3, Gosai Jigarkumar B4
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Assessment Of Neurodevelopmental And Neuroimaging Outcome Of Patients Of Infantile Tremor Syndrome After 6 Months Of Treatment On Follow-Up
Authors: Parsawala Khushboo M1*, Javadekar Bakul B2, Modi Dhruv J3
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Assessment  Of Renal Functions In Neonates Of Perinatal Asphyxia
Authors: Parsawala Khushboo M1*, Javadekar Bakul B2
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Stressful Life Events In Bipolar Mood Disorder
Authors: Ramashankar Yadav1, Dhiraj Kandre2*
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A Study of Serum Urea, Creatinine and Uric Acid Levels In Hypothyroid Patients
Authors: Gagandeep Kaur Sidhu1*, Rahima.R.Malek2, Asha Khubchandani3, Sohil.H.Mansuri4, Miku.S.Patel5 , Ruhan.H. Oza6
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“A Study Of Comparison Of Hydrostatic Regurgitation Test With Sac Syringing In Preoperative Cataract Patients”
Authors: Devdatta J. Gohel1, Manoj kumari2*, Ashok Kumar Sokhal3, Nishant Solanki4, Parth shah5
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A Study Of Ultrasound Findings In Cases Of Blunt Ocular Trauma
Authors: Nishant D. Solanki1*, Mayank P.Acharya2, Parth K. Shah3, Manoj Kumari4
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Study of Intra Ocular Pressure changes after  ND:YAG LASER Capsulotomy in Patients with Pre Procedure Timolol(0.5%) eyedrop and without Timolol (0.5%) eyedrop.
Authors: Parth leuva1*, Nilesh Parekh2, Shankar Ganvit3, Niyant Pandya4

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A Clinical Study Of Lid Tumours In Jamnagar District
Authors: Parth K. Shah 1*, Mayank P.Acharya2, Nishant D. Solanki,3, Manoj Kumari4
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Histopathological study of mediastinal lesion in a medical college-  3 years study
Authors: Anand kanasagara1*, Nilay Shah2, Sunita Goyal3,  N.R.Shah4
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Diagnostic and prognostic role of CA 15-3 in breast carcinoma
Authors: Charmi R. Vyas1, Vijay C. Popat2*, P. M. Santwani3, Suresh Bhanushali4, Deval Mehta5
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study the correlation of hormonal and sonographic markers of ovarian reserve in Indian woman with primary infertility
Authors: Shachi Shukla1*, Rakesh Pratap Khuteta2, Rajeev Yadav3, Kshitij Sharma4
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A Study on Prevalence and Antimicrobial resistance pattern of Community acquired gram negative uropathogens at tertiary care teaching hospital, Ahmedabad.
Authors: Murawala SM1*,Vegad MM2, Patel FV3, Shah PK4, Patel VJ5
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Effects of different parenting styles on adolescent adjustment
Authors: Urmila Chauhan1*, Sandeep Golhar2, Abhishek Madhura3
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Intravenous Rabeprazole Versus Ranitidine For Improving  Preoperative Gastric Fluid Properties In Adults Under Going Elective Surgery Under General Anaesthesia - A Prospective, Randomized, Double Blind, Controlled, Clinical Study.
Authors: Amit Kumar Khare1*, Lopa H Trivedi2, D.C.Tripathi3, harshil j. Gandhi4
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A study of clinicopathological correlation of patients with Tattoo reaction
Authors: Yash Dhamecha1*, Shyamkumar Makadia2, Hiral Shah3, Neela Bhuptani4
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Clinical profile of Sickle Cell Disease patients coming to a tertiary care hospital from central Gujarat
Authors: Keyur Brahme1, Kedar Mehta2*, Kalpita Shringarpure3, Mahendra Parmar4
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Comparative Assessment Of Predictors Of Diastolic Dysfunction As Derived By Tissue Doppler And Conventional Mitral Inflow Doppler.
Authors: Chirag Rathod1*, Himanshu Rana2, Purvi Buch3, Mashruti Maharaul4, Vama Agrawal5
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Case Report
‘STENTOLITH’: A Rare Cause Of Obstructive Jaundice
Authors: Ankit Vikas Patani1*, Pritesh Atmaram Vasave2, Divyang Dave3, Devendra Chaudhari4
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SILICOSIS- From Grain To Granuloma
Authors: Shreyas S. Godbole1, Kinjal D. Rami2*, Iva S. Chetterjee3, Firoj D. Ghanchi4, Anand k. Patel5
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Right Sided Obstructed Femoral Hernia Causing Small Bowel Obstruction
Authors: A .M. Rajyaguru1, B.V. Vaishnani2, J. G. Bhatt3, I. A. Juneja4, Milap Shah5*
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Surgical Management Of Severe Ar Following Candida Aortic Valve Endocarditis
Authors: Kumar Aditya1*, Tushar Kumar2, Harpreet Singh Minhas3
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