July - September 2021
2016 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 3
Original Article
‘Thyroid Cytology Evaluation By Bethesda System   A Two Year Prospective Study’
Authors: Gharia Amit A.1*, Agravat Amit H.2, Dhruva Gauravi A3
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Situational analysis of Bio-medical waste management of Tertiary care centre and Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility of South Gujarat
Authors: Mali Ankur1*, Damor Rahul2, Kosambiya Jayeshbhai3
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Dexamethasone Cyclophosphamide Pulse therapy in Pemphigus Vulgaris; a case study of 25 cases
Authors: Anuj Kothari1*, Deval N. Vora2, Moiz F. Mithaiwala3, Kamalini Meher4, Nilam Damor5, Juhi Thakkar6
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Influence of protein energy malnutrition on level of serum zinc in children
Authors: Khubchandani Asha1*, Gamit Anil2, Gamit Mital3, Shah Parin4, Vaghela Vikas5, Ruhan Oza6
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Study on Surgical Management of Fracture Shaft Of
Humerus By Interlocking Nail

Authors: Yogesh C. Patel1, Alizayagam N. Hasan2*, Pinkal H. Thakkar3
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A Prospective Comparative Study Of Surgical Site Infection After Single Dose Of Preoperative Antimicrobial Prophylaxis Versus Multiple Dose On Antimicrobials In Clean And Clean Contaminated Abdominal Surgeries
Authors: Ajit B. Gohil1, Ashish O. Sachdeva2*, Naiya V. Pathak3, Ronak M. Patel4
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Comparison Between Tru-Cut Biopsy And Serum Psa Levels In The Diagnosis Of Carcinoma Prostate
Authors: Ajit B. Gohil1, Naiya V. Pathak2, Ashish O. Sachdeva3*, Ronak M. Patel4
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Perception of medical doctors’ of Surat city about PLHA and their medical care in perspective to stigma and discrimination towards PLHA
Authors: Bharat H. Patel1*, Ratan K. Srivastava2, Mohua Moitra3, Rashmi Sharma4
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A prospective study of admission test during labour and feto-maternal outcome
Authors: Nirav R Patel1, Gunvant K. Kadikar2, Bhumika G. Kalathiya3*, Priti Bajaj4
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Sexual Knowledge And Attitudes In Patients Of Dhat Syndrome
Authors: Chirag K. Barot1*, Prashant M. Mangla2
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A study on histopathological profile of cases with cervical cancer stage IB2 (FIGO)in a tertiary care hospital of Ahmedabad
Authors: Darshna C Patel1*, Mahesh M Patel2
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A descriptive longitudinal study on management of stage IB2 cervical cancer by radical surgery followed by adjuvant therapy in a tertiary care hospital of Ahmedabad
Authors: Darshna C Patel1*, Mahesh M Patel2
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A Prospective Open Labelled Randomized Trial Of Efficacy Of Hypertonic Saline Nasal Irrigation As Adjunctive In Sinonasal Disease
Authors: Deepika Berwal1*, Parth Makwana2, Sushil G. Jha3, Vikas Sinha4
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Asymptomatic Bcacteriuria in Pregnancy
Authors: Hetal G. Vaghela1*, Govind Ninama2, Ajay C. Wala3
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Study Of Effect Of Inracameral Adrenaline On Blood Pressure In Hypertensive And Non Hypertensive Patients During Cataract Surgery
Authors: Devdatta J Gohel1, Komal A Vala2*, Jayesh Sadhu3
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Awareness of Eye Donation In Medical Students And The Myths Prevalent Amongst Them
Authors: Radha I. Dass1*, Manoj Kumari2, Devdatta J. Gohel3, Nishant Solanki4, Parth Shah5
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The prevalence of Metallo-beta-lactamase (MBL) in gram negative bacilli and their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern at tertiary care hospital, Surendranagar
Authors: Jaydev Pandya1, Mitesh Kamothi2*, Sanjay Maheta3, Kunjan Kikani4, Sweta Prajapati5
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Maternal and Neonatal outcomes among obese women in a tertiary level health care delivery center in Telangana state - A Prospective cohort study
Authors: V. Neelima1*, S.Nagamani2
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Efficacy Of Chemical Cauterisation In Tympanic Membrane Perforation; A Prospective Study
Authors: Parth Makwana1*, Deepika Berwal2, Sushil G. Jha3, Samanth T U4, Swati Dadhich5, Vikas Sinha6
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Monsoon-in the views of urban people
Authors: Piyushkumar C Parmar1*, Dhaval N Patel2,  Alpesh H Gohil3, Vipul P chaudhari4, J. K. Kosambiya5, Anuj P Ganekar6
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A Study Of Assessment Of Gestational Age By New Ballard And Parkin Score And Comparison Between The Two Methods
Authors: Bela Shah1, Arif Vora2, Rubiya Nadaf3*, Shirali Agrawal4
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Nasal Endoscopy In ENT : Should it be included as a part of routine examination in ENT OPD?
Authors: Ruta K. Sayani1*, Rajesh Vishwakarma2
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Cytopathological Study Of Head & Neck Swellings In Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Sanjay Chauhan1*, Mehul Patel2, Masum Bhavsar3, Bipin Chavda4
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Computer Aided Diagnosis System For Brain Disease Analysis
Authors: Ranjita Chowdhury1, Sudipta Roy2, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay3*
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A Comparative Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Bone Marrow Aspiration And Bone Marrow Biopsy For Haematological Disorders <style="text-align: center;"> 
Authors: Shweta Tevatia1, Swati J. Patel2*

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Evaluation of Jaundice as a Prognostic Marker in patients of Malaria at Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Tinkal Patel1*, Amit Gamit2, Bhavin Modi3, Sweta Gamit4, Ashvin Vasava5, Pratik Variya6
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Clinical evaluation of clonidine as an adjuvant to ropivacaine in supraclavicular brachial plexus block
Authors: Zanzmera Vatsal1*, Shah Komal S2, Tripathi Deepshikha3, Patel Jaldeep B4, Gandhi Harshil J5
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Corrected fructosamine, corrected glycated albumin and glycated β-lipoprotein/ β-lipoprotein ratio in patients with microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Authors: Tejaskumar R. Kalaria1*, Vijay Vaidya2, Roma Shah3, Habibunnisha B. Sirajwala4
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Study of Radiological findings in High resolution computed tomography (HRCT) temporal bone in Chronic suppurative otitis Media (CSOM): A hospital Based cross sectional study.
Authors: Vijay vaidya1*, Hiren Soni2, Balaji Ghugare3, Mukesh Dinkar4
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Pre-Operative Shaving Versus Trimming And Their Relation To Post Operative Surgical Site Infection (Ssi) , A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Dipak M Varia1*,Samir Kacheriwala2
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Role Of Oral Misoprostol (600µg ) In Active Management Of Third Stage Of Labour And Dose Related Side Effects
Authors: Shubhanti kumari1*, Pratima kumari2, Renu Rohatgi3
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“Pseudohypocalcemia in Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Mdr Tuberculosis Patients, India.”
Authors: Jemil S Makadia1*, Anju Jain2
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Case Report
Osteoarticular tuberculosis of wrist: A rare case report
Authors: Yogesh C. Patel1, Alizayagam N. Hasan2*, Pinkal H. Thakkar3
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Giant Osteochondroma lower end femur – A case report
Authors: Yogesh C. Patel1, Alizayagam N. Hasan2*, Pinkal H. Thakkar3
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A rare case of pancreatic heterotopia presenting with intussusceptions
Authors: Iliyas Juneja1, Ketan Y.Pandya2*, Prakash parmar3, Jatin G.Bhatt4
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Fibroepithelial Polyp Of Vulva- An Uncommon Tumour Of Vulva
Authors: Shubhanti Kumari1*, Dipali Prasad2
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Uncommon Pulmonary Complication in Marfan Syndrome
Authors: Tikal M. Kansara
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A Case report Of Left Side Diaphragmatic Eventr
Authors: Ashok Desai1*, Jignesh P Dave2, Govardhan Vaghasiya3, Jatin Bhatt4
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