January - March 2021
2016 - VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4
Original Article
Endoscopic Tympanocentesis and bacteriological study in acute suppurative oitis media in Imphal
Authors: Dhakeswar Singh Potsangbam1*,Akoijam Babie Anand2
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Endoscopic Tympanoplasty Type I: Impoving Techniques
Authors: Dhakeswar Singh Potsangbam1*
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Urine analysis findings of malaria patients attending tertiary care hospital of North Gujarat
Authors: Amarramkrishna Shah1*, Nimisha Devendrakumar Shethwala2, Tejas AjitBhai Shah3
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Changes Of Serum Cardiac Markers After Acute Attack Of Mi  Viz. Troponin I, Ck-Mb, Ldh & Hs-Crp
Authors: Charmi Vyas1*, Shweta Upadhyay2, Mayur Kavar3
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Evaluation of Anti-A and Anti-B Alloisogglutinin Titer in Group O Plateletpheresis Donors
Authors: Chirag Chaudhari1*, Milind Dighe2, Farzana Kothari3, Dr. Swati Patel4
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Sexual Dysfunction In Drug Free Patients Suffering From Depression
Authors: Chirag K. Barot1*, Sunil Kumar Ahuja2, Prashant M. Mangla3
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Atherogenic lipid indices in chronic renal failure patients
Authors: Dipika Baria1*, Tejas Shah2
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Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in chronic Abdominal Pain
Authors: Bhavin Baria1, Kamlesh Gohil2*, Siddharth Kumar3
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Study of Correlation of Clinical Profile, Electrocardiographic and Echocardiographic Profile in Patients of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Cor-Pulmonale
Authors: Satyam Ramesh Bhai Ghadiya1*, Arvind Daxini2, Arvind S. Pandday3, Himani Garasia4
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Accuracy of Ultrasound Technique for Confirmation of Endotracheal Intubation by Emergency Medicine Department 
Authors: Gosai Jigarkumar B.1*, Parikh Samira N.2, Vaghamshi Umeshkumar V.3, Darji Nirav R.4
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Importance of Gross Examination of Liver During Autopsy
Authors: Kajal M. Suvera1, Seema Baxi2*
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Evaluation of Conversion Rate (Operative) In Patients of Blunt Abdominal Trauma Managed Conservatively (Non- 0peratively): An Observational Study of 30 Cases
Authors: Manish Yadav1, Abhishek Jaimalani2*, Jignesh B. Shah3
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Prevalence and Characterization of Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy in Indian Women
Authors: Hina Oza1, Mitesh Priydarshi2*, Nidhi Pancholi3
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Clinical Profile of Childhood Asthma and Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy and Outcome in Patients Using Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist and/or Inhaled Corticosteroids
Authors: Shamim Morbiwala1*, Aarti Makwana2, Yogesh Parikh3
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WHR (waist hip ratio) as risk factor irrespective of body mass index (BMI ) among patients of  noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)
Authors: Sweta T. Gamit1*, Amit L. Gamit2, Tinkal C. Patel3, Parul Bhatt4, Vipul P. Chaudhari5
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A Study of Clinical Profile and Outcome of Inter-Costal Drainage Tube Insertion in Cases of Spontaneous Pneumothorax Admitted At Pulmonary Medicine Department at Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Variya Manish1*, Pandey AS2, Daxini AB3, Vadhiya HB4, Chauhan BA5
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Prevalence of Bacterial Contamination of Stored Blood at Blood Bank S.S.G. Hospital, Vadodara
Authors: Trupti Barot1*, Farzana Kothari2, Milind Dighe3, Swati Patel4
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Complete title of the manuscript: Efficacy and Safety of Resveratrol as an Adjuvant Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients: Result of a Randomized Active Controlled Clinical Study
Authors: Ojha Rakesh1*, Kulkarni Pranesh2, Vyas Bhavin3
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Attitude & Reaction of 1st Year Medical Students Toward Cadaveric Dissection
Authors: Sanjay Vikani1*, Subhash Gujar2, Jigna Parmar3, Hetal Vaisnani4, Savita gadekar5
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Socio-Demographic Profile and Various Depression Scale Scores among Patients with Major Depression in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Kirankumar N Vaghia1*, Darshan K Mahyavanshi2, Vikas Malik3
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Assessment of Socio-Demographic Profile among the Victims of Firearm Injuries, at sms Hospital, Jaipur During the Year 20142015
Authors: Shantilal Pargi1, Lovekumar R. Bhagora2*, Vivek Kumar Mangare3
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Laparoscopic total extra peritoneal versus open Lichtenstein repair of inguinal hernia: a comparative analysis
Authors: Manoranjan Kushwaha1, Mayur Rabari2, Maulik bhadaniya3*, Rajan pandya4
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Comparing Pre-Operative Shaving Versus Trimming In Terms of Patients and Operators Satisfaction and Convenience, A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Dipak M Varia1*, jitendra bhadoriya2, jignesh dhodiya3
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Prehypertension among medical students: The prevalence and risk factors
Authors: N. Samara simha reddy1*, Raziya Dudekula2, Khadervali Nagoor3, VV Durga prasad4, M. Santhi sree5, M. Amarnath6
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Therapeutic Impact of Computerized Tomography Scan in Acute Appendicitis
Authors: Vivek Viswanthan1*, Nimish J. Shah2, Nupur Shah3
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Comparative Study between Clinical Findings and Ct Findings in 25 Cases of Acute Pancreatitis
Authors: Nirav B.Patel1*, Mayur G.Rabari2, Hemant L.Leuva3, Jitendra Tolwani4, Binita Dholakia5
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Sample Rejection Rate in Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory of a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Shubhra Jandial1*, Vasant Gosai2
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Study of Disease Pattern of Neovascular Glaucoma
Authors: Komal A Vala1*, Mayank P Acharya2, Anwar Sipai3, Radhakrishna Khatri4, Bharg Kariya5
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A Study of Metabolic Syndromes and Insulin Resistance in General Population
Authors: Gaurang Gheewala1, Nilesh Doctor2, Vipul Srivastav3, Ruhee Moryani4*, Nisarg Patel5, Zubin Shah6
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Role of EtCO2 (End tidal CO2) Monitoring (Capnography) During Laparoscopic Surgery under General Anesthesia
Authors: Mamta G. Patel1*, V. N. Swadia2
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Root canal morphology of mandibular first premolars in western Indian population: an in vitro study
Authors: Mona  C Somani1*, Vaishali  V Parekh2, Brijesh S Patel3, Dhaval C Somani4, Uma K Gohil5, Kaushal M Oza6
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Case Report
Empty Sella Syndrome: A case repor
Authors: Archana Asher1*, Shubhangi Deshpande2
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A  Case of Severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome: A Case Report
Authors: Neha Rani1*, L. D. Kapadia2, Shirish Toshniwal3
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Acute pancreatitis leading to thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura/haemolytic uremic syndrome (TTP/HUS) treated with therapeutic plasma exchange and haemodialysis- A Case Report
Authors: Bhargav Prajapati1*, Tarak Patel2, Nidhi Bhatnagar3, M. D. Gajjar4, Shital Soni5, Kaminidevi Gupta6
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