July - September 2021
2017 - VOLUME 6, ISSUE 4
Original Article
A Descriptive Study on Prevalence and Outcome of Human Leptospirosis Case with Various Co-infections at Tertiary Care Hospital, South Gujarat
Authors: Ashvin Vasava1, Arvind Kumar Sharma2
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Study of Bone Tumors
Authors: Bharat Pateliya1, Meena Patel2, Sanjay Dhotre3, Hansa Goswami4
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A Study of Influence of Season on the Lip Prints
Authors: Archana P Borase1, Saleem Shaikh2, Avinash Kashid3, Anand A Mohatta4
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Treatment of Renal colic: Use of intravenous Lidocaine
Authors: Chirag J Patel1, Jigarkumar B Gosai2, Binit N Jhaveri3, Divyesh Kalariaya4, Utsav N Parikh5
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Study of Correlation of Preoperative Clinical Findings, Laboratory Investigations and Sonological Findings on Peroperative Parameters in Gall Stone Disease
Authors: I A Juneja1, D A Baraiya2, J G Bhatt3, J P Dave4, Siju Samuel5
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Study of Clinical Profile of 70 Cases of Hypertension in Pregnancy
Authors: Meghal Anadkat1 , Hemangini Chaudhari2
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Graham Patch Vs Modified Graham Patch in Management of Perforated Peptic Ulcer
Authors: S O Sankhala1, D A Baraiya2, J P Dave3, I A Juneja4, J G Bhatt5, D M Gohil6
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Quality Assurance in Thyroid Profile with the Six Sigma Matrix
Authors: Nikunj Modi1, Dharmesh Gamit2
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Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment Induced Hepatitis – A Study of Incidence of Recurrence of Hepatitis and Treatment Outcome after Reintroduction of Anti-Tubercular Drugs
Authors: P P Jain1, A S Pandey2, A B Daxini3, P M Mittal4, G B Chaudhari5
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Histopathological Study of Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Biopsies of Prostate in Patients With Raised Serum Prostate Specific Antigen
Authors: Prabha Rathour1, Hetal Jani2, Urvi Parikh3, Hansa Goswami4
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A Study of Clinical Significance of HbA1c In Acute Myocardial Infarction
Authors: Ujval Patel1, Vitan Patel2, Ajay Dabhi3, Harikruhna Prajapati4, Ami Jhala4, Jayshree Gamit4
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Gall Bladder Wall Thickness as a Marker of Portal Hypertension in Patients of Alcoholic Cirrhosis of Liver
Authors: Jaya Pathak1, Shivangi Gharia2, Zeal Kishor Thakkar3, Kesar Prajapati4, Darshankumar M Raval5
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Histopathological Evaluation of Oral Cavity Lesions – 162 Cases
Authors: Arpit Jitendra Gohel1, Hitesh Prajapati2
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A Study on Hemodynamic Parameters Stability by Rocuronium Bromide during Anaesthesia for Elective Surgical Procedures in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Hardik Z Patel1, Avruti R Kacha2
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A Study On Neuromuscular Blocking Effect Of Rocuronium Bromide in Anesthesia In A Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Hardik Z Patel1, Avruti R Kacha2
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Case Report
A Case Report On Chyluria-Non Filarial Origin
Authors: Adhish Vyas1*, Jatin Bhatt2, Jignesh Dave3, Iliyas Juneja4, Hitesh Meghani5
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Brain Herniation from Tegmen Tymphani Defect Secondary to Middle Ear Polyp Surgery
Authors: Mehul Modi1, Jaymin2, Anand Chaudhari3
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